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April 2019
1 Federal Government Mandates Vaccine Reeducation Camps — The Dystopian Future Has Arrived

Why Magnesium Is a Cornerstone Mineral for Health

Why Kale May Not Always Be a Superfood

Weekly Health Quiz: Diabetes, Dementia and Facebook

2 Taking No Prisoners in the Vaccine Culture War

Can Organic Certifiers Be Trusted?

Will Raw Milk Save Dairy Farmers?

3 Second Jury Trial Implicates Roundup in Lymphatic Cancer

Outgoing Commissioner Unloads About Marlboro Vaping Lies

Stop the Sewer Sludge From Ending Up in Your Food

4 What Does the ‘Best Evidence’ Say About Antidepressants?

New Federal Approval for Postpartum Depression Pill

Mulberry: Good for Silkworms, but May Benefit You as Well

5 20-Minute Towel Glider Workout

Mercola Staff Takes the Pushup Challenge

6 Free Speech and Shutting Down Vaccine Debate

New Study, Avoid Drinking Very Hot Beverages

Why Am I so Tired All the Time?

7 Three Alternative Strategies That Can Address Severe Chronic Pain

Simple yet Flavorful Homemade Pickle Recipe

Diabetes: Facts About This Modern Epidemic

8 Spirulina May Be an Effective Treatment for Leptin Resistance

Understanding Your Liver Health

Top Benefits of Celery Juice

Weekly Health Quiz: Glyphosate, Depression and Pain

9 Unvaccinated Americans Barred From Public Spaces?

The Hidden Gold in Your Garbage

Pumping Up the Pesticides

10 How Top Opioid Maker Seeks to Avoid Justice

Teenage Psychosis Linked to Air Pollution for the First Time

40 Kilos of Plastic Found in Guts of Whale

11 Fasting Shown to Drastically Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

Can Mushrooms Help Prevent Cognitive Decline?

Help Ease Inflammation With Hollyhock

12 Wheatgrass: A Sprout Made From Grains, but Are the Benefits Worth the Risks?

How to Grow Tulips

13 Exploring the Frontiers of Psychedelics

Pedestrian Deaths Are at an All-Time High

Is Poppy Seed Tea Safe to Drink?

14 The Ketogenic Diet and Its Physiological Effects on the Human Body

Smothered Portobello Mushroom Fries

Diverticulitis: An Introduction

15 Don’t Be Fooled by New Egg Warnings

Omega-3 Stops Asthma; Omega-6 Makes It Worse

Why Apocynin Regenerates Skin

Weekly Health Quiz: Fasting, Diabetes and Wheatgrass

16 Cell Tower Removed From Schoolyard Due to Cluster of Cancer Cases

What Air Pollution Does to Your Body

Impossible Whopper — Burger King Adopts Fake Meat

17 Dr. Mercola Answers Your KetoFast Questions

Cholesterol Managers Want to Double Statin Prescriptions

Project Tango: Big Pharma Makes the Poison and the Cure

18 Vertigo Causes and Treatments

Just the Thought of Coffee Can Arouse Your Brain

Cottonseed oil: America’s original vegetable oil

19 Six Benefits of Massage Therapy

Lack of Exercise During Pregnancy Could Predispose Child to Obesity

20 Smell, Our Most Underestimated Sense

Electronic Music to Repel Mosquitoes?

Astaxanthin: The Super Antioxidant That Comes From the Ocean

21 KetoFast Explained

Delectable Keto Coconut Cacao Nests

An Introduction to Ulcerative Colitis

22 Earth Day: Learn Why Biodynamic Soils Are the Healthiest

The Effectiveness of Ginger for Nausea, Vomiting and More

20 Alternative Flours You Should Know

Weekly Health Quiz: Vertigo, Fasting and Choline

23 ‘Boiled Frog’ Game Continues as New Yorkers Face Jail Time for Skipping Measles Vaccine

Has Chronic Wasting Spread to Humans?

You Are a Guinea Pig — Undisclosed GMO Soybean Oil Released

24 Avoid the Dark Side of Fasting and Ketosis With KetoFasting

The Mysterious Reason Hospitals Won’t Reveal Dangerous Pathogens

Why Statistical Significance Is Killing Science

25 This Five-Minute Breathing Exercise Can Boost Brain and Heart Health

Eating Garlic Could Protect Brain Health

Peony: An Ancient Flower That Still Commands Respect Today

26 How to Grow Sunflowers

Discover Passion Flower’s Benefits and Uses

27 The Fate of Planet Earth Lies in the Hands of Just Two Generations, Warns Climate Columnist David Wallace-Wells

Chili Peppers Could Slow Progression of Lung Metastasis

What Happens to Your Body When You Do Yoga?

28 KetoFast is a #1 Best Seller — Dr. Mercola Answers Your KetoFast Questions

Chai Tea Muffins Recipe

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Too Much Alcohol?

29 Are You Getting Enough Zinc?

CBD Has Unique Ability to Cross Blood-Brain Barrier

Sun Avoidance Is a Major Cause of Mortality

Weekly Health Quiz: Sunflower Seeds, Soil and Fasting

30 How to Make Fasting Easier, Safer and More Effective

Ractopamine War Is Heating Up

Modifying Monkeys With Genes From Human Brains?