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June 4, 2019 - Issue 4677

CBD Market Explodes, Despite Perplexing Legal Status

cbd market explodes despite perplexing legal status

June 4, 2019

Its market is exploding and once you see how it may benefit you, you'll understand why it's become one of the hottest products ever. Medically promising for at least 50 conditions, it's been shown to help pain, digestive disorders, brain and mood disorders, anxiety and high blood pressure.

Impossible Burger Attacks Moms for Publishing Pesticide Results

impossible burger glyphosate residues

June 4, 2019

A consumer advocacy group published independent laboratory testing showing the fake meat Impossible Burger contains glyphosate residues. The company fired back, and rather than committing to getting the disease-causing agent out of their food, engaged in a smear campaign against the group of moms, complete with name-calling and other insults.

Bayer Hunts Down Journalists

bayer hunts down journalists

June 4, 2019

A leading chemical company engaged in a 'stakeholder mapping project,' collecting personal data about journalists, politicians and scientists, including their names and opinions about pesticides and genetic engineering. Bayer, which acquired the company in 2018, is now investigating the 'completely inappropriate' stalking.