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June 20, 2019 - Issue 4693

The depression pill epidemic

depression pills epidemic

June 20, 2019

It's the most widely used treatment for this growing condition, yet it's also among the least effective. What's more, you're taking grave risks for a very small chance of benefit. But there's a natural treatment that's more effective and works without devastating side effects - one doctors might not tell you about.

Study links irregular sleep to diabetes and obesity

irregular sleep patterns

June 20, 2019

Recent evidence shows that high day-to-day variability of sleep duration and timing has a negative effect on your health. Irregular sleep patterns may also lead to obesity and metabolic syndrome. Lack of sleep affects thinking, emotions and heart health.

Canola oil — When a great oil isn’t so great after all

canola oil

June 20, 2019

Touted as 'one of the best oils for heart health,' canola oil is not what you've been led to believe it is.