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July 31, 2019 - Issue 4734

Riboflavin for migraine prevention

riboflavin for migraine treatment

July 31, 2019

Could migraines be a result of a central nervous system disorder as well as mitochondrial dysfunction? Researchers suspect so. They put this latest theory to the test by giving study subjects 400 mg of this common B vitamin. The results? Migraine frequency plummeted to half.

Multiple bottled water brands tainted with arsenic and PFAS

bottled water contaminated with arsenic and pfas

July 31, 2019

Many people use bottled water believing it is safer than tap. However, tests reveal this may be a misperception, as recent tests found arsenic and PFAS in several brands of bottled water. Clean water is crucial to your health. Consider adding a filtration device to your tap and ditching the bottles.

Opioid roadmap: 76 billion pills and counting

opioid roadmap

July 31, 2019

Recent data from the DEA have shifted the focus of responsibility for the opioid crisis to include the whole supply chain from manufacturer to distributor. New information from the latest lawsuit shows how dire the situation has become.