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August 2019
1 Common OTC drugs can cause dementia

Mentally stimulating activities can cut cognitive decline

Facts about rubia cordifolia: Uses and benefits

2 6 homegrown teas to experiment with this summer

How to grow vanilla beans at home

3 Tackling the loneliness epidemic

This bug juice has more antioxidants than orange juice

Grape seed extract: Discover its benefits and uses

4 Interview: Stephanie Seneff on glyphosate

Gastroparesis: An introduction to this motility disorder

How to cook sweet potatoes

5 Why you should eat the apple core

Have you tried grilling eggs for essential choline?

Cannabis provides strong pain relief

Weekly health quiz: Enzymes, licorice and bacteria

6 How Google threatens your children

'Star Wars' protest against forced vaccinations in California

How do kids end up with higher levels of weed killer?

7 Coca-Cola seeks revision of fortification guideline

Birth rate reaches record low as premature deliveries rise

Amazon admits it sold fake supplements

8 Potent health benefits of cilantro and coriander seed

Ear stimulation offers relief for Parkinson's

Discover the many benefits of wormwood to your health

9 The science behind time-restricted eating

Acupuncture can be helpful for heel pain

10 Medical mistake claims life of American hero

This tick bites, clones itself and lays 2,000 eggs

Help ease stress and anxiety with holy basil

11 The longevity paradox: How to die young at a ripe old age

Vitiligo: An introduction

Big Game Cilantro and Garlic Infused Shrimp Tacos Recipe

12 22 health tips to celebrate 22 years of

Most popular articles of 2019

Weekly health quiz: Apples, privacy and the moon

13 leaves Facebook today

How to continue to receive your Mercola subscription

14 Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post hit piece on

Our health partners team up to protect your health

15 Let’s all be grateful

EFT for gratitude

16 This Improves Your Brain, Muscles, Lungs, Heart and More

Dr. Mercola's guide to fitness

17 A day in the life of Dr. Mercola

Try Mercola's savory top recipes and eat your way to health

18 Game Changer of the Year: Barbara Loe Fisher

Must-read destinations for optimizing your health

19 Buyer beware — Many fish oils are synthetic

Dietary intake of vitamin A may prevent skin malignancy

Why you should mix coffee into your cream

Weekly health quiz: Sleep, autophagy and privacy

20 Monsanto hit list exposed

Home Depot and Lowes sued over Roundup

Why swimming in lakes will soon be banned

21 Warning: Biodegradable bowls contain toxic chemicals

The second silent spring has sprung

Corrupted data on gene therapy approved to treat babies

22 How exercise treats depression

Do optimistic people sleep better?

Fingerroot: A flavorful spice bursting with benefits

23 What to plant now to maximize your harvest

Meet a trendy, designer vegetable — the cucamelon

24 Why you’re addicted to your cellphone

Experts warn about opioids post tonsillectomy

Iodine: An in-depth guide to its potential benefits

25 2019 update on the fight for mercury-free dentistry

An introduction to kidney stones

Healthy summer squash recipes

26 How to increase your health span

NASA takes astaxanthin into space

A flavonoid a day keeps the doctor away

Weekly health quiz: Pollution, exercise and smartphones

27 Countries everywhere are banning this, why aren't we?

EPA blocks warning on glyphosate

Chiropractor must pay $100k for sharing content like this

28 Legal eagle goes after opioid wholesale distributors

Juul funds program to get kids hooked on vaping

Popular eating program for kids sparks controversy

29 Blood pressure control could slow age-related brain damage

Parkinson's patients with low vitamin D more likely to fall

5 potential uses of sow thistle

30 Take the KetoFast 30-day challenge

Should you exercise if you have high blood pressure?

31 Mercury-free dentists — Pioneers and catalysts for 21st century health care

Resveratrol’s role in achieving optimal health