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August 1, 2019 - Issue 4735

Common OTC drugs can cause dementia

anticholinergic medications and dementia

August 1, 2019

Think twice before popping these pills that shrink your brain, kill your memory and put you in the path of a deadly disease with no cure. One person made an astonishing recovery from severe dementia after quitting multiple meds - including over-the-counter products. Be very careful.

Mentally stimulating activities can cut cognitive decline

mild cognitive impairment

August 1, 2019

To protect your brain health from mild cognitive impairment, engage in mentally stimulating activities like reading books, using a computer, playing games and doing crafts. All of these can lower your risk of cognitive decline significantly.

Facts about rubia cordifolia: Uses and benefits

rubia cordifolia for arthritis

August 1, 2019

Rubia cordifolia, also known as Radix rubiae and Indian madder, holds a place in both Indian Ayurvedic practice and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Discover this herb's wide array of uses and why it's greatly valued in holistic health therapies.