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December 2019
1 Blood Flow Restriction Trainer Educator Interview

The Endocannabinoid System and Human Health

2 Why Your Brain Craves PQQ

Risks Linked to Choline Deficit Drastically Understated

Could Soup Broth Replace Antimalaria Pills?

Weekly Health Quiz: Pollution, Exercise and Emotions

3 Why the Milk Monopoly Is Faltering

Opioid Producers Put Blame on Addicts

Canada Launches Lawsuit Against Bayer

4 WebMD and Healthline Exposed Violating Your Privacy

This Protein Could Signal Early Death

5 How to Prevent and Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Tragic Leading Cause of Death for Ohio Preteens

6 Buyer Beware: GMO Stevia Is Everywhere

Choose Avocados to Help Reduce Risk for Obesity and Diabetes

7 Shady Implants: Corruption in the Medical Device Industry

Potential Health Hazards of Eyelash Extensions

8 How Biochar Is Triggering a New Industrial Revolution

Why Glucose Restrictions Are Essential in Treating Cancer

9 Reconsider Lettuce Use in Light of Recurring Contamination

Will Eating Keto Help Prevent Flu?

Optimal Levels of Selenium Help Prevent Osteoporosis

Weekly Health Quiz: Mitochondria, Sweeteners and SAD

10 Neonicotinoids Pose Ecosystemwide Threat

Bayer Buys Reporters and Sprays Illegal Poison

Witnessing the Vaccine Injury Epidemic

11 FDA Cracks Down on CBD Oil

Why Do Scientists Defend Poison?

Multiple Factors Liable for Daunting Death Rate in Midlife

12 Less Than 5 Hours of Sleep Linked to Low Bone Density

Young Cannabis Users Are at Risk for Stroke and Heart Attack

13 The Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen in Sports and Athletics

Best Ways to Wash Veggies and Fruit

14 The Health Benefits of Play Time

Do Women Feel the Cold More Than Men?

15 The Science Behind Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

Top Tips to Optimize Your Mitochondrial Health

16 Concerns About Diabetes or Heart Health? Optimize This

Katie Couric Spills the Beans on Impossible Burger

EVOO Is Good for Your Brain

Weekly Health Quiz: Bones, Songbirds and Antioxidants

17 Does Vitamin D Supplementation Prevent Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease?

1 in 5 Adolescents Is Prediabetic

Deadly Mold in Seattle Children's Hospital

18 These 3 Toxins Have the Largest Impact on Your Life Span

More Evidence Artificial Food and Hair Dye May Be Deadly

Insurance Industry Takes Aim at Vaping, May Deny Your Policy

19 Is Professor Matt Walker’s Sleep Book Accurate?

Are These the Top 3 Stress-Busting Supplements?

20 How Cyclical Ketosis Can Help Combat Chronic Fatigue

5 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Tea

21 Life Without Litter: How to Begin a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Customize an Out-of-the-Box Bandage to Fit Your Need

22 A Practical Guide to EMF Mitigation

Why Fake Meat and Eliminating Livestock Are Really Bad Ideas

23 Why You Should Take Calcium With Your Greens

5 Natural and Easy Cleaners You Can Make at Home

Weekly Health Quiz: Toxins, Sleep and Recycling

24 10 Ways to Live Longer

25 Grateful Greetings From Dr. Mercola

26 Can Lowering Inflammation Help Major Depression?

BMJ Exposes Big Pharma’s Interference in Medical Decisions

27 How Exercise Affects Disease Prevention and Prognosis

Here's How to Make Yourself Love Exercise

28 Washing Away Health — Cleanliness in a Microbial World

USA Exports More Blood Than Soybeans or Corn

29 Simple Strategies That Will Help You Live Longer

Top Tips to Detox Your Body

30 Glutathione and NAC Play Crucial Roles in Health and Fitness

Peppermint Oil Eases Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Weekly Health Quiz: Exercise, Cleaning and Depression

31 Reject Big Pharma's Vaccine Mandates in 2020

GMO Rice Coming to Your Plate Soon