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December 11, 2019 - Issue 4867

FDA Cracks Down on CBD Oil

fda cbd hemp oil

December 11, 2019

For the first time in years, companies selling CBD oil are receiving warning letters. Now a banned substance, CBD oil can get you in hot water if you're caught carrying it. Just ask this 69-year-old woman who was recently arrested and jailed while vacationing at Disney World.

Why Do Scientists Defend Poison?

scientists bribery

December 11, 2019

Deceitful science abounds today because major industries use front groups and paid, corrupt researchers to spout their propaganda and package it like real science. Big Tech often abets such deceit in online search results.

Multiple Factors Liable for Daunting Death Rate in Midlife

midlife mortality

December 11, 2019

Life expectancy is dropping more quickly in this country than in any other wealthy countries, according to a recent study. Scientists believe it is related to multiple influences and may represent a broad erosion in health.