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January 2020
1 Did Your Collagen Supplement Come From a CAFO?

Coca-Cola Launches Obesity Subscription Service

2 Excess Sleep Can Increase Stroke Risk by 85%

Study Shows Sports Are Good for Your Brain

3 What You Need to Know About Blood Flow Restriction Training

Exercise — A Powerful Ally for Breast Cancer Survivors

4 The Walking Revolution

Is Your Makeup Contaminated With Superbugs?

5 Blood Flow Resistance Training Improves Muscle Performance

How to Assess Your Biochemical Individuality

6 US Upholds Ban on Brazilian Beef Imports

Ditch Pharmaceuticals, Get Aspirin From Your Food

Weekly Health Quiz: Stroke, Sleep and BFR

7 Google and Big Tech Bought Congress

Are We Entering a Mass Extinction Event?

8 Corruption in Global Health Care May Exceed $1 TRILLION

Experts Fear Flame Retardants Are Triggering a Health Crisis

9 Excess Body Fat Can Age Your Brain Faster Than Muscle

Does a Study Change What We Know About Blue Light?

10 Vigorous Exercise Leads to Lower Mortality for Women

Situps: How to Do Them Correctly

11 Documentary: High Mowing Organic Seeds for a New Food System

Real Risk of a Sneaky Deficiency for Vegans and Vegetarians

12 Blood Flow Restriction Training for Muscle Mass Maintenance

Hallmarks of Alzheimer's Are Stimulated by This Substance

13 Asafoetida: Why This Stinky Herb Is so Beneficial

Can Chili Peppers Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes?

You May See a Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Your Eyes

Weekly Health Quiz: Seeds, Meat and Exercise

14 Washington Post Covers for Amazon’s Supplement Fraud

You Will Eat Two Recycling Bins of Plastic in Your Lifetime

Vitamin D Protects Against Infections

15 Iron Overload Destroys Mitochondria and Sabotages Health

Most Seniors Are Taking Too Many Prescriptions

Short Sugar Binges Raise Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

16 Opioid Crisis — A Result of Poverty, Availability and Pain

Global Study Links Air Pollution to Depression and Suicide

17 Science Review Confirms Yoga Benefits Your Brain

How to Do Burpees Properly

18 Sauna Use as an Exercise Mimetic for Heart Health

Could Worms Be One Solution to the Plastic Problem?

19 How to Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body and Defy Aging

Why You Should Embrace Healthful Sun Exposure

20 Why Hard Water Decreases Heart Attacks

Unbalanced Omega-6 Raises Inflammation and Rate of Disease

Tea Drinkers Shown To Be More Healthy

Weekly Health Quiz: Spices, Saunas and More

21 Mandatory Flu Vaccine Coming Your Way?

Is Your Food Grown on Sewage?

22 Addressing EMF Pollution — A 21st Century Health Imperative

Futuristic Airline Uniforms Making People Sick

BPA in Your Body May Be 44 Times Higher Than Reported

23 More Studies Show Fluoride Affects Brain and Disrupts Sleep

Reversing Alzheimer's With Light Therapy

24 New Thought Police NewsGuard Is Owned by Big Pharma

Can This Berry Juice Help Blood Pressure and Inflammation?

25 Avocado — Superfood and Environmental Killer

What's the Best Way to Take Care of Your Teeth?

26 Google — A Dictator Unlike Anything the World Has Ever Known

Top Lifestyle Changes to Build a Better Heart

27 More Health Benefits of Quercetin Revealed

Do FODMAP Foods Trigger IBS Symptoms?

Psychedelic Mushroom Compound Found Nontoxic in Large Study

Weekly Health Quiz: Water, Pregnancy and Avocados

28 New Jersey Defeats Mandatory Vaccine Bill

Glyphosate Is a Primary Cause of Kidney Damage

Roche Flu Medication Fraud Stole Billions

29 Sepsis May Be Responsible for 20% of Deaths Worldwide

Statins Trigger Brain Changes With Devastating Effects

CAFOs Direct Food Supply, Refuse Inspection, Spread Disease

30 How Sugar Changes Your Brain Chemistry

Avoid Burnout Before You're Already Burned

31 The Benefits of Muscle Confusion

How to Perform Crunches Properly