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March 2020
1 Grassroots Rising — A Call to Change the World

The Importance of Vitamin D and B5 for Optimal Sleep

2 Moringa Contains All Essential Amino Acids Your Body Needs

What Are the Health Benefits of Galangal?

Golden Milk: Nondairy, Powerfully Healthy, Tasty Drink

Weekly Health Quiz: Plants, Protein and Muscle

3 Genetically Engineered Food – the Lie That Won’t Die

The Hidden Risks of Pesticides

Dangerous Placebos Used in Medical Trials

4 Junk Foods Promote Hunger and Overeating

Cosmetics Are a Menace — But You Have Options

5 New Study Sheds Light on Stroke Recovery

There Is No Such Thing as a Minor Concussion

6 Top Health Official Cashes in on Merck Stock

Symptoms of Prostate Disease You May Have Overlooked

7 How the Method of Birth Can Influence Lifelong Health

Alcohol Accelerates Brain Aging

8 Bioweapons Expert Speaks Out About Novel Coronavirus

Eating Mistakes That Can Damage Your Kidneys

9 Essential Nutrition to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Did You Know Patchouli Had This Many Uses?

Chicory in Your Salad or Coffee Is Great for Digestion

Weekly Health Quiz: Sugar, Stroke and Herbicides

10 Six of 10 Vaccines Studied Increase Mortality

Why Bill Gates Is Accelerating a Toxic Food System

Doctors Hid Data on Stent Deaths

11 How You’ve Been Misled About Statins

Most Tap Water Is a Toxic Soup of Chemicals

Are You Sitting on a Health Crisis?

12 Time-Restricted Eating — A Powerful Way to Prevent Dementia

Hovering Between Worlds: Awake During Brain Surgery

13 Trending Ancient Wellness Tips and Practices

Breakfast or Late-Night Snacks — Which Should You Give Up?

14 The Importance of Muscle in Healthy Aging

Does Your Morning Wake Up Routine Dictate Your Alertness?

15 Health Starts in Your Mouth

The No. 1 Thing to Do to Protect Yourself From EMFs

16 Quercetin and Vitamin D — Allies Against Coronavirus?

More Data Support Heart Healthy Benefits of Omega-3s

Effectively Treat Your Sore Throat — Naturally

Weekly Health Quiz: Coronavirus, Saunas and Teeth

17 Will Wearing a Mask Protect You Against Coronavirus?

Flu Vaccines Failing Seniors

School Sues to Force Autism Test on 7-Year-Old

18 Is Plastic Recycling Just a Big Fraud?

Why Is It so Hard to Compost Our Waste?

PFAS Chemical Producers Under Criminal Investigation

19 Childhood Stress Can Make You Ill as an Adult

Can Moderate Drinking Decrease Alzheimer's Brain Proteins?

20 Ten Ways to Burn More Calories When You Work Out

How to Properly Do Calf Raises

21 The Truth About Sleep

The Impact of Effective Handwashing Against Infection

22 BFR Training for Health and Well-Being

Bioweapons Expert Speaks Out About Novel Coronavirus

23 Which Soap Is Best for Preventing Outbreaks?

Have You Been Eating High-Priced Fake Honey?

Can Ginger Help Ulcerative Colitis?

Weekly Health Quiz: Coronavirus, Plastic and Obesity

24 The National Plan to Vaccinate Every American

Coronavirus Vaccine Will Bypass Safety Testing

Do We Need a GMO Banana?

25 What Is the Best Disinfectant for Surfaces?

Why We Minimize Risks of Alcohol

Can You Safely Give Birth at Home?

26 Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety, Isolation and Loneliness

Average Sleep Time Drops, Increasing Health Risk

27 High Heat May Kill the Coronavirus

How to Do a Proper Pullup

28 Harvard Professor Exposes Google and Facebook

Simply Playing Ping Pong May Cut Symptoms of Parkinson's

29 Nutrition and Natural Strategies Offer Hope Against COVID-19

Grassroots Rising — A Call to Change the World

30 Antimalarial Medications: A COVID-19 Treatment Option?

Resveratrol Protects Against Vascular Dementia and More

Weekly Health Quiz: Coronavirus, Disinfectants and Google

31 Why You Don’t Want to Take Aspirin or Motrin for COVID-19

EMFs Linked to Risk of Miscarriage and Male Infertility