Dr. Mercola will match your gift for mercury-free dentistry

On August 25 through August 31, we launch Mercury-Free Dentistry Week. Mercury is an incredibly potent neurotoxin; it doesn't take much to cause serious damage because it's an absolute poison, it should never be used in dentistry — which is why I partner with Consumers for Dental Choice to get it banned from the planet.

I am so passionate on this cause that I am raising my match cap by 20%! Instead of matching $125,000, I will match up to $150,000 for all donations during Mercury-Free Dentistry Awareness Week. When it comes to mercury-free dentistry, I am proud to put my money where my mouth is!

The sole mission of Consumers for Dental Choice and of its leader Charlie Brown (pictured with me above) is to end the use of mercury fillings.

This nonprofit group busts down one barrier after another to shift an entire medical profession from reliance on mercury fillings to foreswearing mercury fillings — spurred forward by a massive shift in consumer demand and key changes in government policies. Well on its way to success, this Herculean undertaking must continue — and it will continue if donors like you and I step up together!

Three major accomplishments

Consumers for Dental Choice leads the campaign to transition the world to mercury-free dentistry. Their campaign is not just working — it’s accelerating!

  1. Consumers for Dental Choice’s success at the Minamata Convention treaty talks resulted in a requirement that countries must reduce their amalgam use. Now, many countries want to go even further: they have proposed an amendment to phase OUT amalgam use.

  2. Consumers for Dental Choice’s ongoing European campaign resulted in a ban on amalgam use in children under 15, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers in the EU. This summer four more EU countries — Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland and Slovakia — announced the full phase out of amalgam use on a timetable!

  3. Consumers for Dental Choice is bringing the momentum of the Minamata Convention on Mercury home, igniting changes here in America:

How you can help the campaign for mercury-free dentistry

Consumers for Dental Choice and its team have made amazing progress toward mercury-free dentistry. But there's still hard work ahead as Consumers for Dental Choice is breaking barriers that limit consumer access to mercury-free dentistry, forcing federal and state government agencies to be accountable, and mobilizing synergistic campaigns around the world.

Please consider making a generous donation. If you donate between August 25 and August 31, 2019, I will match your gift dollar for dollar! This year, I am putting up the highest match amount I ever have tor this cause: $150,000.

To succeed in the battle against the FDA, they need to reach this goal — please push the “DONATE TODAY” button below. Or if you prefer, you may mail your donation to: Consumers for Dental Choice, 316 F Street N.E., Suite 210, Washington DC, 20002

Donate Today!

All donations made from August 25 to August 31, 2019, are matched by Dr. Mercola (up to a cap of $150,000).