Mercury Awareness Week | September 5 to 11 | Support the Phase-Out of Mercury Fillings Mercury Awareness Week | September 5 to 11 | Support the Phase-Out of Mercury Fillings

What’s Lurking in Your Silver Fillings?

It’s no accident that about 50% to 60% of Americans are unaware that amalgam fillings are half mercury. Consumers have been misled to think that amalgam is made mainly of silver, as it’s also called “silver fillings,” a deceptive term popularized by the American Dental Association, an amalgam patent-holder.

Mercury is an incredibly potent neurotoxin. It doesn't take much to cause serious damage because it's an absolute poison. If you were to take the amount of mercury in a typical thermometer and put it in a small lake, that lake would be closed down due to environmental hazards. Yet, amounts much higher than that are readily put into your mouth if you receive a "silver" amalgam dental filling.

FDA Breaks Its Silence — Adding a Step to Victory Worldwide!

Getting mercury out of dentistry has turned out to be a long and challenging battle, but we’re seeing progress one step at a time!

Consumers for Dental Choice has persuaded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to update its recommendations on amalgam, which now discourage its use in high-risk groups, including children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, women who plan to become pregnant, and people with neurological disease, kidney impairments or heightened sensitivity to mercury and other components of amalgam.

Their perseverance has also led the FDA to double-down its efforts to communicate the risks of amalgam to health professionals and the public. Before this, Consumers for Dental Choice has succeeded in:

To keep the ball rolling, Consumers for Dental Choice and its leader Charlie Brown have been working with the U.S. federal government since January 2021 to abolish the two-tier system from federal dental programs so that government employees, Native American and Alaska Native children, prisoners, military personnel and Medicaid recipients will have access to mercury-free dentistry.

The 2021 campaign also focuses on changing American dental schools to produce more mercury-free, biological dentists in the future.

Help Bring Mercury-Free Dentistry to the US and Worldwide

Consumers for Dental Choice takes the holistic approach to advocacy. You wouldn't go to a traditional dentist who uses mercury amalgam fillings. So, why would you go to a traditional activist to fight for mercury-free dentistry?

That's why so many people, including me, support Consumers for Dental Choice's holistic approach to advocacy. Nowhere is the progress more evident than the work of Consumers for Dental Choice and its Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry. So, be part of the change and help bring mercury-free dentistry to the U.S. and worldwide by donating your funds where you know it will get results.

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Resources to Help You Find a Biological Dentist

Don’t settle for amalgam — you have a choice! The following organizations can help you find a mercury-free, biological dentist:

Consumers for Dental Choice

Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS). Email them at: [email protected] or call 651-644-4572 for an information packet

Holistic Dental Association

Huggins Applied Healing

International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM)

International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists

Talk International