Dr. Mercola's Censored Library

As most of you know, I've been forced to remove 25 years of free health information from my website under threats of the technocratic elite.

By popular demand, I am pleased to share with you an exciting update — my entire Censored Library has finally returned! Through Substack, an information sharing platform, I am once again able to share with you all the valuable research I have gathered through the years.

substack censored library chart

My daily newsletter is still free and content will be released on Mercola.com before anywhere else. After 48 hours the articles will be transferred to my Censored Library on Substack. To view any missed content, a private membership is available for a very minimal amount with a portion of proceeds going toward our health partners who are helping in the fight to protect our freedom of speech and your right to take control of your health.

Access Dr. Mercola's Censored Library