If you read my last book, “Fat for Fuel,” you learned the importance of mitochondria to your overall health, and how burning fat as your primary fuel not only gives your body’s mitochondria the very fuel they need for optimal function, but helps you lose weight in the process.

Now that you know how crucial healthy fats are for a healthy diet, I urge you to go the next step with my new book, “Superfuel,” which I’ve cowritten with cardiovascular research scientist Dr. James DiNicolantonio. Together, we explain all about fats, what’s good, what’s not and how to tell the difference when it comes to choosing which fats belong on your plate.

Using solid science to clear up the confusion about how the wrong fats came to be demonized, “Superfuel” will help you understand how fats are truly a super fuel, and why it’s so vitally important not to be fat confused. If you’re ready to go the next step in your fat-for-fuel eating plan, I urge you to order a copy of “Superfuel” today.