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Social Networking

Your dedication to your health is obvious. Jump into your new community and get answers to your questions – and give back by sharing what you’ve learned or experienced with others.

Here are some of the things you can do as a member of this community...

This Social Network Can Save You Many Headaches – and Money Too

Now’s the time to link into the social network that can truly help you take control of your own health. This network gives you unique access to others who share your particular health challenges, and the ability to tap into their network for meeting those challenges head-on. Who knows? Someone in your network may even be able to connect you with an outstanding medical practitioner who specializes in your area of need – without you spending time and money personally checking out multiple providers.

Take this quick, easy step toward your optimal health here.

A Simple Way to Keep Track of Dr. Mercola’s Activities

Now, without half an effort on your part, you can be alerted to all of Dr. Mercola’s activities in the community. Simply request an RSS feed, and you’ll be automatically notified of what’s happening. It’s the easy, 21st century way to stay on top of things without nickel and diming your time away. This video gives you the simple instructions on just how to set up your Mercola feed.

Set up your RSS feed now, and don’t miss another important announcement.

Your Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Make yourself more real to others in your health network. Upload a photo of yourself. This video gives you the quick and easy instructions.

Complete your profile with a photo of you – now!

Ready... Set... Go... to and put it to the test. Your health depends on it. Your quality of life depends on it. And quite possibly, the life of a loved one depends on it. So start right now to take control of your health.

Personalize Your Network of Friends

When you read an article… and then see someone’s insightful comment about that article, you might decide to invite them to be your friend. And it’s so easy to do! Once you invite them – and they accept – they’ll show up on your Profile Page as a friend. As you network with them, you’ll discover ways to help each other take control of your health. This 45 second video clip shows you how…

Read an article today, then read the other comments, and choose someone to add as a friend. You’ve just personalized your own network.

Join the Party

Jump into the conversation. If you’re at a party, there are numerous chats you can become part of – all going on at the same time. You would naturally be part of the discussion. Now you can talk in the community too. Watch this super-quick video clip to discover how.

Did you add your thoughts to one of the discussions going on? You have more to contribute than you might think… jump in now.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

You, too, have significant insights to add to your community. Your mini-blog comment might be just what someone else needs to hear to take the next step in their own health. You now have the podium… So let your voice be heard. This short snappy video shows you exactly how.

Get on your 'soapbox' today.

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