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Recommended Diet for Strep Throat Patients

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  • Soft and easy-to-swallow foods like homemade bone broth, raw grass fed yogurt, and fresh and organically grown fruits are ideal for people with strep throat since they may be soothing for your throat
  • Spicy, sour, pickled and brined foods must be avoided if you have strep throat, as they can be irritating to the throat and possibly exacerbate your condition
  • Drinking high-quality pure and filtered water not only may aid in addressing strep throat symptoms, but also may provide other important benefits too

Your dietary choices can impact your recovery from strep throat. Easy-to-swallow healthy foods are usually recommended for people with this infection.1 Not only may they help soothe a painful throat, but also provide you with important nutrients. Some good examples include:2

Homemade bone broth It's rich in calcium, phosphorus, silicon, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, essential amino acids, and contains traces of cartilage, collagen, bone and bone marrow. Bone broth has been recommended to aid in inhibiting infections, and may work well against strep throat-causing bacteria.3 Other benefits that bone broth may provide you include:4

Promoting healthy digestion and healing the gut

Developing strong and healthy bones

Boosting healthy hair and nail growth

Lessening joint pain5 and inflammation6

Yogurt — Yogurt made from raw, grass fed cows' milk is your best option. Raw milk provides more healthy bacteria for your gut,7 beneficial fats8 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA),9 all of which may aid in improving your health. If you want healthy yogurt at your disposal, make a batch at home by combining raw milk with a starter culture.

Fresh and organically grown fruits — Fresh fruits can improve strep throat, and at the same time provide vitamins and minerals that may help alleviate the disease's symptoms.10 You can also combine different fruits to make delicious juice or freeze them to make soothing ice pops.11

Just remember to eat fruits moderately as they tend to have high amounts of fructose that can cause health problems if consumed excessively. Avoid acidic fruits like oranges and fruit-based drinks like lemonade, too, since they can burn your throat and further damage it.12,13

Aside from the mentioned recommendations, strive to make significant dietary changes if you have strep throat. Consume only real whole foods like organic fruits and vegetables, increase your intake of high-quality healthy fats and ensure that you eat low-to-moderate quantities of grass fed meats.

Are There Foods You Must Avoid if You Have Strep Throat?

If you've been diagnosed with strep throat, refrain from consuming any of the following foods because they can exacerbate your condition:14

  • Spicy, sour, pickled and brined foods — Consuming spicy foods even if you have a painful throat may increase irritation15 and worsen the inflammation.
  • Alcoholic drinks — They can cause stinging in the throat and further dehydrate you.
  • Soft drinks, energy drinks and store-bought juices — They contain high amounts of sugar and other substances that may be detrimental to your health.

Increase Your Fluid Intake if You're Down With Strep Throat

Pure, high-quality and filtered water is your best beverage choice to make sure you fully heal from the disease. It lessens your risk for dehydration, helps in maintaining healthy body weight, enhances proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from food,16 and detoxifies the body naturally.17

To know if you're drinking enough water, check the color of your urine — it should be light yellow. The frequency of your urination matters too. A healthy person urinates an average of seven to eight times daily. If you don't notice any of these indicators, it may be time to drink more water.


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