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Is Strep Throat Contagious?

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strep throat contagious

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  • Most cases of strep throat occur during the late fall or early spring
  • Strep throat-causing bacteria can be transmitted from one person to another in schools, day care centers, offices and households, to name a few
  • Some household items and surfaces may harbor the bacteria responsible for this disease, so it’s imperative that you ensure their cleanliness before touching or using them

If you or someone you know is already showing signs of strep throat, it’s time to be more careful and protect yourself thoroughly from this contagious illness. While strep throat is not life-threatening, failing to address it may set you up for severe complications.1

Strep throat cases are prominent during late fall or early spring, although you can be diagnosed with the disease any time during the year.2,3 You’re more likely to be infected with strep bacteria if you spend a lot of time in schools, day care centers,4 military barracks5 or offices.6

Even your household is not spared from the threat of strep throat. Dr. Jennifer Shu, in her column for CNN’s The Chart, says that this disease is “most contagious starting a few days before symptoms show up …,” and that people have a 25 percent chance of passing the strep throat-causing bacteria to other people in the household.7

A sneeze or cough can make you susceptible to strep throat, since the bacteria can be transmitted via the saliva or nasal secretions of an infected individual.8,9 Touching doorknobs and other surfaces contaminated with the bacteria can make you more prone to strep throat too. The strep bacteria can reside in these surfaces for a certain amount of time and transfer to your body once you touch them.10

You also increase your risk of strep throat if you share eating utensils11 with other people, especially those who may already be infected with or are showing symptoms of the disease.12,13 Napkins, handkerchiefs or towels are also potential carriers of strep bacteria.14


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