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Can You Get Strep Throat Without Tonsils?

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strep throat without tonsils

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  • Despite their relatively small size, the tonsils found in your throat play a big role in mitigating your risk for diseases and infections
  • Recurring tonsil infections may require you to undergo a procedure called a tonsillectomy, which is the surgical removal of your tonsils
  • Even if your tonsils have been removed, you may still be infected with strep throat. As such, you must follow preventive measures to lower your chances of being diagnosed with strep throat

Your tonsils can provide you with some protection against germs that attempt to enter your body. These two tissue lumps found on each side behind your throat1 are home to white blood cells, and assist in killing germs2 and create infection-combating antibodies.3,4

Sometimes, the tonsils can become infected and inflamed, resulting in tonsillitis. It’s a disease that targets preschool-aged and mid-teenage children, and is characterized by the development of swollen tonsils covered in a white or yellow coating.5 Repetitive or worsened cases of tonsillitis (around six to seven cases annually,6 five cases a year for every two years or three cases a year for every three years7) can call for a tonsillectomy, a surgical procedure done to remove the tonsils.8

Misconceptions About the Link Between Your Tonsils and Strep Throat

Even if you had your tonsils removed, take note that you can still be diagnosed with strep throat.9,10 While a tonsillectomy may result in you having a lower risk for the disease, undergoing this procedure doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be infected by strep-causing bacteria anymore.11,12 Hence, no one is truly 100 percent “protected” from strep throat, although there are different techniques you can practice in order to prevent this disease from affecting you.

Instead of consuming processed foods, opt for real foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, high-quality healthy fats, and grass fed meats and dairy products. You can also avert further sickness by optimizing your vitamin D levels by going out the sun. As far as hygiene goes, make sure to wash your hands regularly using a gentle soap to stop bacteria from spreading.


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