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Juicing For Protein Types -- NOT Off-Limits!

September 06, 2007 | 55,650 views
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If you‘re a protein type like I am, perhaps, like me, you always thought that juicing was off limits for us, that it was only for the carb and mixed types among us. But something that I learned from Dr. Mercola‘s new book, Take Control of Your Health, is that protein types can juice, though only a small amount of juice is needed.

When protein types juice, there‘s a secret to it that doesn‘t apply to the other nutritional types. Because protein types need much higher amounts of fat in their diet. If you‘re going to do a juice of your ideal vegetables, you really need to add a source of fat in with it.

For a protein type, this could be something like raw cream, raw butter, raw coconut butter, olive oil, avocado, something like these. If you do this, you‘ll find that not only will your juice be very, very tasty and delicious, but it will also be satisfying and keep your energy levels stable for a lot longer than if you were to just have the juice on its own.

I learned all about this from Dr. Mercola‘s new book, which is absolutely jam-packed full of tips and helpful hints for making healthy eating a practical way of life.

I‘m sure you‘ll enjoy that tip, as well as many others, from Dr. Mercola‘s new book, Take Control of Your Health.

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