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Hydrangeas are a beautiful way to brighten up your garden

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how to grow hydrangeas

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  • Hydrangeas produce a bounty of large blooms throughout the spring and summer months, depending upon the variety you plant. The shrubs are easy to care for, propagate from cuttings and the flowers are simple to dry, providing beautiful options for your flower arrangements year-round
  • Gardening is a simple way to reduce stress and improve your health, and planting hydrangeas is a beautiful way to add color and beauty to your landscape; you may affect the color of your blooms by changing the acidity of the soil
  • The shrubs prefer full sun in the morning hours and shade in the afternoon in hotter climates, but may take full sun in cooler areas; while there are between 70 and 75 species, only five are commonly grown in gardens in the U.S. providing a delightful variety of blooms and foliage
  • The appearance of the flower buds directs the pruning; pruning to the ground each fall may slowly weaken the plant. Plants that don't produce an abundance of flowers may have not gotten enough sun, may have been pruned at the wrong time or the flower buds may have been killed by a frost

Even if you don't have a green thumb, gardening is one of life's simple pleasures. Digging in the dirt and nurturing plant life may help fill a void or release stress. Planting a garden connects you with nature, which is why many find it addictive, in a good way.

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