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September 27, 2023

Why You Should Never Take Antacids for Digestive Reflux
Natural solutions for acid reflux exist. Discover the gentle lifestyle modifications that promote optimal health and can provide effective remedies for occasional heartburn and indigestion.

10 Things to Know About DNA and RNA Vaccines for Livestock
Stay informed and inform others by sharing this important information. Support lawmakers and advocacy groups pushing for transparency and blocking DNA or RNA-based biologics from entering the food supply. Know what's in your food and who is producing it.

Blue Light Is Causing Blindness
Digital devices such as cellphones, computers, tablets and TVs emit primarily blue light, excessive exposure to which may affect your risk of age-related macular degeneration and blindness. I'll share simple and easy strategies to reduce your risk.

September 26, 2023

10 Mice Used to Test the Newest Pfizer COVID Jab
The FDA approved Pfizer's new shots, which were tested on 10 mice and zero humans. Moderna's version was tested on 50 people, one of whom required medical attention due to an adverse event. That is a potential serious adverse event ratio of 1 in 50.

How the Original Polio Vaccine Was Made
A process involving virus-contaminated monkey kidneys, filtration using asbestos sheets and formaldehyde was used to make the first polio vaccine, heralded as a medical breakthrough at the time.

Is Wireless Charging Safe?
On the surface, technological advancements appear to help you achieve more in less time. However, it's vital to thoroughly evaluate their claims and determine if there are obstacles to your health. Will wireless charging deliver on the promise?

September 25, 2023

Niacinamide Enhances Natural Killer Cells to Beat Carcinomas
This lesser-known B vitamin enhances the activity of your natural killer (NK) cells and boosts their ability to home in on your lymph nodes to hunt down and destroy malignant cells in certain carcinomas. Among 19 patients, 11 showed a complete response within only 28 days.

Lavender Oil Vs. Hair Growth Pharmaceutical: Which One Won?
Natural essential oils offer powerful healing properties that may even support hair growth. When compared against the most common pharmaceutical treatment for alopecia, you may be surprised how lavender oil fared.

Eggs Are Good for Your Cholesterol
If you haven't read this research on cholesterol, get ready for a major paradigm shift: The belief that eggs are 'bad for your cholesterol' is a myth. In fact, eating eggs doesn't negatively impact your cholesterol at all, but they do offer crucial nutrients, including choline, and can even help you stay trim.

September 24, 2023

Cancer Treatment From a Metabolic Perspective
Most chronic diseases impacting us today, including heart disease, dementia and diabetes, are rooted in this dysfunction, which 19 out of 20 people likely suffer from. One of the best ways of identifying where you stand is with this test - ideally, you want it to be below 3.

Sharyl Attkisson on Media Bias
This is the untold truth about why the media suspended traditional journalistic ethics when dealing with Trump. Plus, learn what they didn't tell you about the COVID-19 death count, why scientists are scared of speaking out and how they're hyping up cases.

The Effects of Biodynamic Farming on Environment and Food
It all started here when winemakers noticed that the best wines in the world were coming from vineyards that adopted this standard. Now a strong force in Germany, I'm so impressed with it that I'm starting the process of converting the Mercola line of products over to this much more stringent and earth-healing certification.

September 23, 2023

Fat vs. Glucose for Weight Loss: Constructing the Ideal Menu
It's not unusual for obese individuals to experience low energy, fatigue, digestive problems, poor immune function and an inability to maintain focus. It all comes down to how they metabolize food to fuel their bodies. If you, too, are dealing with excess pounds, here's what you need to know.

Why Were Such Terrible Approaches Chosen to Handle COVID-19?
We must review the mistakes of the pandemic so we don't make them again.

Siberian Ginseng Benefits
An ancient rhizome with origins in Russia, Siberian ginseng has valuable health benefits rooted in potent polysaccharides and other compounds that make it an adaptogen. Adaptogens stimulate your immune system, increase energy and reduce fatigue while helping your body cope with stress and, ultimately, resist disease.

September 22, 2023

More Mask Masquerades
The Cochrane Library - the gold-standard independent research organization - has been reviewing the use of physical interventions to reduce respiratory illnesses like COVID and influenza since 2010. Here's what their 2023 updated report has to say about medical and surgical masks.

One Reason to Do Your Own Research? Scammers
Many things are not what they seem - and we better watch out.

How Castor Oil Can Simplify Your Beauty Regimen
Despite its highly nauseous taste and negative history as a punishment for disagreeable children, castor oil is beneficial as a facial cleanser and moisturizer, mainly due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It also promotes hair growth and has been found to strengthen cracked and weak nails.

September 21, 2023

What Really Happened on 9/11?
Al-Qaeda carried out four suicide terrorist attacks against the US on September 11, 2001, killing nearly 3,000 civilians. At least that's what we've been told. But is that what really happened? This hard-hitting five-minute video blows the cover off anything you've ever believed about 9/11.

New Study Shows Lion's Mane Can Boost Your Memory
Funny-looking pom-pom mushrooms may hold one key to protecting cognitive health and boosting memory. Yet, these are not the only types of mushrooms with significant health benefits.

Here's Why You Don't Ever Want to Eat Moldy Bread
The last time your bread got moldy, did you cut it off and eat it or throw out the whole loaf? There are some foods you can cut around the mold, while others may make you sick. I'll share tips for how to reduce mold growth on your food and what to do when you find it.

September 20, 2023

Court Win: Biden Used Lies to Illegally Deplatform Mercola
According to discovery documents from a lawsuit against the White House, at least 15 federal agencies engaged in illegal censorship activities against US citizens, including yours truly. Yet, we've scored a major win in what might be the most important civil rights case in our lifetimes.

Is There Propane in Your Nonstick Avocado Oil Spray?
Cooking sprays are touted for being low in calories and convenient. But they contain a number of additives that can't be good for your health - and are largely made up of one of the most toxic ingredients in the food supply.

Statin Use Linked to Dementia
Statin medications to lower your cholesterol could harm your brain health, even leading to dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Research suggests having lower levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is linked to a higher risk of dementia.

September 19, 2023

What You Need to Know About the Latest COVID Jab Rollout
FDA-approved shots with no human trials, just mice tests. All previous versions failed and caused harm, yet they still falsely claim 'updated' shots are harmless and effective.

Cut, Poison, Burn — Is Radiation Treatment on the Way Out?
Radiation therapy causes significant side effects and increases your risk of disease. Now, even some conventional practitioners agree that minimizing its use, or eliminating it entirely, makes sense.

Do You Know the Most Common Signs of a Brain Tumor?
Developing a brain tumor of any type will radically alter your life, and the malignant variety affords just a 1 in 3 chance of survival. Because prevention is your best strategy, now's the time to get educated about the eight most common signs of a brain tumor and what you can do to reduce your EMF exposure.

September 18, 2023

Vitamin K2 Is Important for Vascular Health
People with the highest intake of this vitamin have significantly lower risks of atherosclerosis-related heart disease. Those with high vitamin K2 intake also had a significantly lower risk of peripheral artery disease.

Ancient Source of Fiber Grows Popular for Shedding Pounds
Relying on medications to shed pounds is falling out of favor due to their serious side effects. This natural fiber supplement provides a safer alternative that's been prized for its medicinal properties for centuries.

What's Lurking in Your Dish Towel?
Although hand-washing is one of the simplest ways to combat disease-causing germs, what you dry your hands with is just as important. Your multiuse kitchen towel may be teeming with bacteria you could avoid using this technique.

September 17, 2023

Crucial Facts About Your Metabolism, Part 2
Many people are overweight or obese and metabolically inflexible. Yet if you ask your doctor how to 'fix' your metabolism, you're likely to get the wrong answer because most doctors don't understand reductive and oxidative stress. Try these five strategies today to increase your metabolic rate.

Oneness Versus the 1%
Be careful of the smoke and mirrors - you must know about the 'billionaire club' agenda before it's too late. This chilling 'follow the money' massive transfer of wealth to the rich will make your blood boil - especially once you see what the final reckoning actually is.

Why Checking Your Iron Level Is so Crucial for Optimal Health
It's so common, yet few doctors fully appreciate its impact on health. Left untreated, it can damage your organs and contribute to tumors and heart disease, and is ultimately fatal. Don't become a victim like Gerry did, where it went undiagnosed until it caused irreversible damage, and required a liver transplant.

September 16, 2023

Trashing the Eight Glasses of Water a Day Recommendation
Could the recommendation to drink eight glasses of water each day - or more until your urine is clear - be wrong? Are salt restrictions wrong too? A low salt intake may actually cause more harm than good, especially if you have high blood pressure. Find out what you really need for proper hydration.

What Can Megyn Kelly's Adverse Vaccine Reaction Teach Us?
An exploration of the science and politics of vaccination induced autoimmunity.

How to Decrease Your Risk for Dementia by 90%
People with high cardiovascular fitness - a measure of stamina - enjoy significantly lower rates of dementia. In order to protect your brain health as you age, making sure you stay fit is an integral piece of the puzzle.

September 15, 2023

Global Takeover Advances to Final Stages
Owned by private interests, the technocratic cabal has gained control over most if not all Western governments, as well as the WHO bureaucracy. And it's in writing - rapid-approval-stamped mRNA vaccines will become mandatory under the freedom-strangling, biological weapon-promoting pandemic treaty.

All Eyes Are on the WHO as They try to Take Over the World
The time to say no to neofeudalism is now.

Love Your Lungs With Tomatoes and Apples
Research shows something interesting about two of the most popular plant-based foods: Eating them can help restore the lung function of people who've stopped smoking and even remediate the damage. But there are important caveats regarding apples and tomatoes, including how you buy, store, prepare and eat them.

September 14, 2023

mRNA Vaccines Now Headed for Shrimp
It's the No. 1 favorite seafood in many countries, and the mRNA vaccines are now coming for it. Continuing to fly under the radar so the public remains unaware, the mRNA-based vaccines have been used in pork since 2018. mRNA shots have also been developed for birds and cattle.

The Great Mask Masquerade
As evidence continues to pile up that masks don't work, a letter sent to public health officials suggests they may have intentionally slanted data to support their narrative that masks work at any cost.

10 Things to Do Daily to Help Your Brain
With more than 5 million Americans battling Alzheimer's disease and that number expected to triple by 2050, taking care of your brain is something you cannot afford to ignore. Aging and genes may not have the final word, but these 10 recommended actions most definitely can have a positive impact on the health of your brain.

September 13, 2023

Fentanyl-Related Teen Deaths Triple in Three Years
It's 50 times stronger than heroin, 100 times stronger than morphine - and just 2 milligrams (equal to 10 to 15 grains of table salt) can be lethal. Despite the fact deaths in one age group have tripled in recent years, Biden is welcoming it with open arms.

Misinformation Study Is Full of Misinformation
A JAMA study that claims to have evidence of COVID-19 misinformation spread by physicians on social media is, itself, full of misinformation, inaccuracies and misleading statements.

Avoid This Seafood From Thailand
Take care to avoid seafood sourced from Thailand, as the country's fishing industry is fueled by human trafficking and slave labor. As contamination is becoming more prevalent, seafood choices may be limited.

September 12, 2023

COVID Jab Spike Protein Remains Six Months After Jab
Half the COVID-jabbed still produce an engineered spike six months post-jab, according to a new study. This chronic activation may explain reinfections and injuries. Could long-term spike protein production explain the rise in reinfections?

New XBB COVID Combination Vax to Include Flu and RSV
The FDA announced a monovalent COVID shot for September 2023 given alongside the flu and RSV vaccines. Will the administration of a combination shot raise the rate of those who take it?

What Are Some of the Best Brain-Boosting Foods?
What you eat can make or break your brain health, and even among healthy foods, some stand out above the rest. By including these brain superstars in your daily meals, you can boost cognitive function while staving off cognitive decline.

September 11, 2023

Microplastics May Be Harming Your Body and Brain
It's estimated that during your lifetime, you will consume about 40 pounds of microplastic - that breaks down to 5 grams every week, or about the equivalent of a credit card. Some of that plastic will accumulate in your organs, including your brain. Do this now to reduce your exposure.

Could a Vitamin Reduce Hearing Deficit?
This common over-the-counter supplement helped reduce hearing deficiencies by mimicking cholesterol. It's also found in many plant foods, including celery, oranges and broccoli.

Should You Take Probiotics if You Must Take Antibiotics?
They did new studies on the standard advice of taking probiotics after antibiotics, and you won't believe what they found. It throws a monkey wrench into everything you've heard for years. In light of this stunning news, here's what I suggest to get the benefits without the drawbacks.

September 10, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — The Health and Freedom Candidate
In this interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., he describes how 37 hours after President Biden took the oath of office, the White House did something it's never done before. What they did was so disturbing, they had to make up a new word for it, as one didn't exist in the English language to describe it.

Launch of a New Doorway to Freedom
The moment of reckoning has arrived. Dark forces, shrouded in a cloak of goodwill, plot to seize the reins of our existence. It's our turn to rise, decipher their sinister plans and erect an unyielding barricade against their march.

For Chronic, Mysterious Illnesses, This Could Be a Lifesaver
This revolutionary method explores the connection between a common type of brain dysfunction and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, food and substance sensitivities, Lyme and other chronic illnesses. The best part? There's an affordable program to help you recover.

September 9, 2023

In Defense of Low-Fat Eating
Once a staunch believer in a particular eating plan, I've dramatically shifted my stance. Delving deeper, I realized this vilified approach wasn't the enemy we believed. Astonishingly, it's proving potent against kidney issues, hypertension, diabetes and even psoriasis.

What Happens to Doctors Who Innovate?
Lessons to be learned from the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Teflon — The Devil We Know
'Better Living Through Chemistry' has resulted in deadly health conditions across the Ohio Valley. The master manipulation and deception of DuPont are chronicled in a Sundance Film Festival release depicting the lives of those who fought for justice.

September 8, 2023

From 9/11 to Domestic Threat Actors — Control Is the Goal
In 1948, the US Information and Educational Exchange Act became law, which forbade the government from pushing propaganda onto the US population. This law was repealed in 2013, and by 2016 the legal groundwork was laid for government control of speech and censorship of its citizens.

Stealing Self-Love: The Bullies’ Biggest Trick
We will not let the bullies steal our sense of self-worth. We will not.

Is Ghee Better Than Butter?
Ghee, used in traditional cooking for hundreds of years, is darker and has a nuttier flavor and higher smoke point than butter, making it better for sautéing. Studies indicate it generally works better for people who are sensitive to dairy, but including it as part of your nutritional routine may cut disease risk for virtually everyone.

September 7, 2023

Booming Business for Worsening Mental Health
The number of people reporting symptoms of depression or anxiety has more than tripled since 2019. Did the pandemic change the culture of humankind more than COVID-19? Which solutions does Google offer? And, what are the 3 best 'lifelines' to reverse the attack?

Can Inhaling Menthol Help Your Brain?
Researchers recently discovered that smelling menthol has a positive effect on cognitive function in animal models, paving the way toward potential treatment of neurodegenerative disease.

Lumbrokinase for Lyme?
While you may not relish the idea of consuming earthworms, a particular group of enzymes called lumbrokinase sourced from worms is believed to be useful in the treatment of Lyme disease. Beyond combating blood clots, lumbrokinase is also useful in breaking apart the microbial biofilms associated with Lyme infections.

September 6, 2023

Kids Intentionally Poisoned by Artificial School Lunches
The quality of school lunches has been declining for decades, yet this is a new low. Why are we feeding kids meals with refined wood pulp and pure gluten, while lining the pockets of corporate giants like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Berkshire Hathaway?

What Are Plastic Fragments Doing in Human Hearts?
Tiny plastic particles have been found deep in the human body, lodged in the heart - an organ with no direct access to the external world. So how are plastics ending up there?

Do Your Moles Ever Go Away?
Moles are usually acquired during childhood and early adulthood. Some may disappear as a result of disease. I'll share how the sun factors into the development of skin disease and strategies to reduce your risk.

September 5, 2023

Health Department Covers Up Illegal Lab in California
Cars parked outside a run-down old warehouse. A garden hose protruding through a rear wall and a foul odor coming from within. Upon entry, this city code officer got the shock of her life as she discovered improperly stored dangerous pathogens. How many more of these illegal labs exist in the US?

Animal and Plant Protein Sources Are Not Equal
Data show that the type of protein impacts the bioavailability of essential amino acids needed for optimal health. It turns out that animal protein is better than plant protein.

Do Redheads Need Less Vitamin D?
A genetic mutation responsible for red hair and fair skin allow for more efficient production of vitamin D. If you possess this mutation, you are at greater risk for melanoma and may be more sensitive to temperature changes, pain and painkillers than blondes and brunettes.

September 4, 2023

Why Collagen Is a Proven Necessity
High in amino acids that provide the building blocks for your connective tissue, collagen is what keeps your skin, bones and muscles strong and elastic. Yet, that's just the start. These other lesser-known benefits can lead to profound changes in not only how you look but also how you feel.

Can Fenugreek Boost Testosterone?
This maple-flavored seed, which helps increase testosterone levels, is important to men's and women's overall health, including upper and lower body strength, and menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

What Are the Signs of Vitamin B Complex Deficiency?
Deficiencies in B vitamins may lead to neurological, digestive or psychiatric disorders. Chronic exposure to pesticides reduces your ability to make B vitamins and increases your requirement.

September 3, 2023

Two Common Mistakes Athletes Make
Evidence suggests restrictive low-carb eating can restore metabolic flexibility in the short term, but a moderate-carb intake with minimal seed oils and sugar strictly from whole foods optimizes energy production long term.

The Importance of Omega-3 for Cell Membrane Functionality
Did you know you can use omega-3s to help push omega-6s - especially potentially harmful LA - out of your cells? The average person may have as much as 1,000% more omega-6 than omega-3 stored in their cells, and it can take six or seven years to get rid of it.

Masks Likely Do Not Inhibit Viral Spread
Mask wearing has become a hotly debated topic with convincing arguments on both sides. But what does the science say? Do masks protect the wearer or others - or both? Or are you better off not wearing one at all?

September 2, 2023

Wikipedia Is an Information Warfare Tool
Don't believe for one minute that you'll get the truth or an unbiased answer from this frequently used resource. According to its co-founder, it's been manipulated since at least 2008, and hijacked by US intelligence, industry and the political establishment, most likely for a whole different agenda.

How the Heart Controls Where Blood Travels in the Body
Long forgotten Russian research uncovered the extraordinary spiraling capacities of the heart that makes life possible.

What Are the Benefits of Hearts of Palm?
What, exactly, are hearts of palm? The mild-flavored, velvet-textured, crisp veggie found at the heart of certain palm trees offers excellent nutritional advantages, including those from protein and fiber, as well as potassium and vitamin B6. It's a great way to expand your vegetable repertoire.

September 1, 2023

Who Is Responsible for the US Border Crisis?
In his mini-documentary, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visits the US-Mexico border to uncover the dire humanitarian crisis and the factors causing it. Kennedy discusses potential solutions to address the border security issue and the overwhelming influx of illegal migrants.

'ChatGPT' for Biology? A Dictatorship of Engineers
Are the crazies running the asylum? Yes.

Are Organ Meats Good for You?
Humans have a long history of eating organs such as liver and kidneys, thereby boosting their intake of protein and key nutrients. But over recent decades, confusion and misinformation have caused many in the West to literally scrap these nutrient-rich foods. Learn how tweaking your approach to organ meats can enhance your health.