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June 16, 2021

COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century
So why is it being intentionally suppressed, and not allowed to be a go-to solution? Why are doctors being told not to use it? Don't they want to save lives? Isn't that why we shut down the world? This is the most callous betrayal of human health yet.

Nestlé a 'Wellness Company'? 70% of Products Are Junk Food
Would you buy vitamins from a junk food company? Nestlé is banking on their upcoming personalized line of vitamins to boost revenue and rebrand their image. What do you think?

June 15, 2021

The Same Shady People Own Big Pharma and the Media
If you're wondering who the 'they' are pulling the strings behind Big Pharma and the media, it all circles back to these two notorious firms. In fact, reports from Oxfam and Bloomberg say this 1% together owns more than the other 99% combined.

How to Report a Vaccine Reaction Yourself
Those who administer vaccinations are required to file a report with VAERS if adverse reactions occur, but most adverse events go unreported. If your health deteriorates following COVID-19 vaccination, here's how to report the reaction yourself.

June 14, 2021

Researcher: 'We Made a Big Mistake' on COVID-19 Vaccine
Previously unseen research demonstrates a huge problem with all COVID-19 vaccines. While the spike protein found in the virus is bad, the spike protein your body produces in response to the vaccine is far worse - and it spreads everywhere.

The Great Reset and Transhumanism Movement
The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in the implementation of a biosecurity state, but the long-term goal goes even further - to biodigital convergence that threatens to end humanity as you know it.

Weekly Health Quiz: Vaccines, Technocrats and Masks
Take this week's quiz to see how well you remember what you read on last week.

June 13, 2021

Political Satirist Takes Up the Fight Against Tyranny
With the 'shock-and-awe' phase over, they're moving into a more insidious reprogramming phase in which you're being trained to accept your lot as a subjugated slave within a totalitarian control system. Will you control, or will you fight for your freedom?

The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health
The worst symptoms of COVID-19 are created by the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein - yet this is the very thing gene-based COVID vaccines are instructing your body to make - and it's been manipulated to induce vascular, heart and neurological damage.

June 12, 2021

How COVID-19 School Guidelines Are Harming Kids
Besides the more obvious ill effects of wearing a mask during COVID-19 like anxiety and panic attacks, infections, cavities, rashes and struggling to breath, there's another whole set that's far more serious and threatening to health.

30% More People Died by Overdose in 2020
Social isolation and other consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic worsened the opioid epidemic significantly, with US overdose deaths increasing 30% from October 2019 to October 2020. Opioids accounted for the majority of the deaths.

June 11, 2021

CDC Caught Cooking the Books on COVID Vaccines
In a stunning turn of events, unvaccinated people will now be much more likely to test positive for COVID than those who are vaccinated. That's right, testing labs will now use a CT of 40 for the unvaccinated and a CT of 28 for the vaccinated, a move to make the vaccines appear more effective.

Lab Leak Evidence Is Destroying the Science Cult
Evidence continues to accumulate that COVID-19 likely emerged from a laboratory in China after having undergone some sort of manipulation to encourage infectiousness and pathology in humans. The revelations are taking down the 'science cult' that’s been held as gospel during the pandemic.

June 10, 2021

Global Pushback Against Tyranny Has Begun
On the 1-year anniversary of COVID-19 lockdowns, people from 40 countries stood in solidarity against lies and tyrannical measures. Chances are, you never heard about this cry for freedom since mainstream media censored any news of it.

Costly Spice Surprisingly Effective for Alzheimer's
This spice has historically been used to improve memory. Evidence now shows it is as effective as medication for severe Alzheimer's without the adverse effects. Consider these strategies to lower your risk of dementia.

June 9, 2021

Fauci in the Hot Seat as Emails Reveal His Lies
Correspondence obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request proves Saint Anthony has been caught in a web of insidious lies - about masks, about the natural origin theory and about a fact that makes vaccination completely unnecessary.

Not Just Fake Meat but Fake Ice Cream
The synthetic food market is expanding, and it's not only lab-grown meat that's being pushed as the future of food but also dairy, including ice cream made using genetically engineered Trichoderma reesei fungus.

June 8, 2021

Mass Protests Can End Vaccine Passports
We can - and must - end vaccine passports, and massive, peaceful protests in the UK prove it can happen. The costs are simply too great if we don't. Here's what you can expect if vaccine passports are mandated, along with the freedoms you can say 'goodbye' to in the future.

2012 Video of Fauci Promoting Gain-of-Function Bioweapons
Dr. Anthony Fauci has denied that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but he has a long history of supporting the highly controversial, and potentially deadly, research.

June 7, 2021

Was the Whole Pandemic About the Vaccine?
From all the crazy incentives and the air of desperation to get the job done, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have been nothing but a thinly-disguised campaign to get a vaccine jab into every arm. But why? Be aware, the soon-to-come boosters may be used to damage your health even further.

Guess What's Been Named Herb of the Year for 2021
It is one of the most consumed herbs, rich in vitamin K, and is from the Apiaceae family, including cumin and celery. It has anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce depression and anxiety.

Weekly Health Quiz: Facebook, Fauci and Lab Origin
Take this week's quiz to see how well you remember what you read on last week.

June 6, 2021

Shocking Case of Academic Censorship
It's easy to spot propaganda that you disagree with, but it's more difficult when it's telling you something you want to hear or think is true, especially if it's news, entertainment or coming from an expert. Be forewarned - to spot propaganda, you'll have to move out of your comfort zone.

COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease
According to this senior research scientist, the COVID-19 vaccines are literally instruction sets for your body to make a toxic protein that will wind up concentrated in your spleen, from where prion-like protein instructions will be sent out to your brain, leading to neurodegenerative diseases.

June 5, 2021

Organic Consumers Association’s COVID-19 Tribunal
These scientists, doctors, authors, activists and attorneys have just dropped a virtual bomb on the myths and lies behind the COVID-19 pandemic - after collectively investing well over 75,000 hours investigating myriad events that make up the global response.

Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks on You?
Optical illusions are fun, and some are shared online multiple times. Analysis helps scientists understand vision and how the brain works, including our perception of unexpected events.

June 4, 2021

Epidemiologists Say CDC Exaggerated Outdoor COVID Risks
Why can't the CDC get its facts straight? Once again, they're making the COVID-19 pandemic seem much worse than it is by hugely exaggerating the numbers. Or is this just another ruse to single out unvaccinated individuals, creating a new form of segregation and second-class citizens?

Fact Checkers Are Running Disinformation Campaign
When Big Pharma funds fact checkers, how likely are those fact checkers to find truth on alternative health sites? When it comes to NewsGuard, Big Pharma's fingerprints are all over their business plan. NewsGuard is funded by a global PR firm that represents the largest pharmaceutical and tech companies in the world, raising questions about their ability to act as independent arbiters of fact versus fiction.

June 3, 2021

Media Rats Jump Off Their Sinking Ship
I first raised this theory back on February 4, 2020 and, along with others, was roundly dismissed as an unreliable kook by mainstream media. Now they're the ones with egg on their faces - and blood on their hands - after spending the past year discounting valid evidence and covering up the truth.

Don’t Use Antibody Tests Post Vaccine to Determine Immunity
Health officials say COVID-19 antibody tests should not be used to gauge immunity, especially among people who've received a COVID-19 vaccine.

June 2, 2021

The Biggest Flip-Flop Ever — Who's Going to Jail?
He was wrong about the usefulness and need for masks and post-vaccination mask requirements, yet nothing compares to this - and mainstream media finally has to admit to the real caliber of the 'experts' they're parading in front of their viewers.

CDC Says Keep Masking Kids or Open a Window
A CDC study found mask requirements for students had little effect on COVID-19 incidence, while improved ventilation, such as opening a window, reduced cases more than mask mandates for staff and teachers. Still, the mask theater continues.

June 1, 2021

The Truth About Bill Gates, Microsoft and Jeffrey Epstein
While more revelations about the Bill Gates-Jeffrey Epstein relationship have begun trickling out following the Gates' divorce announcement, the strong evidence pointing to their relationship beginning decades prior to 2011 continues to be covered up by the media - not necessarily to protect Gates but to protect Microsoft.

New Research: COVID Infection Antibodies Could Last Years
Contrary to what has been reported in the media, evidence suggests those who have been infected with COVID may carry antibodies that last for years. Vaccine advocate and cardiologist warns against vaccination after infection.