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January 27, 2021

The Fog of COVID War — Locking Down the Healthy
You're living in a fog of war right now - a fog of COVID War, and here's 10 million pieces of proof you're being deliberately driven into a state of chaos and confusion, despite the fact the rationale behind the 'science' and decisions is elusive or entirely absent.

More Evidence Proves Lockdowns Are a Dangerous Lie
Lockdowns have destroyed businesses, damaged community health and, as recent data show, are not an effective way of reducing the spread of a contagious disease.

January 26, 2021

Side Effects and Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine
The side effect rate is sizable, and it's now in the thousands. Could the cure be far, far, far worse than the disease - and end up causing up to 9,156,780 vaccine injuries? Look at the facts on display closely, then judge for yourself now everything is being stripped bare.

Global Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Records
Silicon Valley's most influential companies, alongside health care companies, US intelligence contractors and the Commons Project Foundation, launched the Vaccination Credential Initiative. The initiative's ambitions reach far beyond vaccines and will have major implications for civil liberties.

January 25, 2021

Can Ivermectin Help Prevent COVID-19 Deaths?
This little-known medication could be the reason why states in India are boasting of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the entire country. Here in the US, doctors with the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance are calling for its widespread use, both as a preventive and treatment. Why aren't we hearing anything about it in the media?

Bill Gates Is This Country's Biggest Farmland Owner
Bill Gates is this country's biggest private farmland owner, and with ownership comes power and influence. You can vote with your pocketbook by purchasing regeneratively grown, organic produce and meat.

Weekly Health Quiz: COVID-19, Salmon and Genes
Take this week's quiz to see how well you remember what you read on last week.

January 24, 2021

How Your Microbiome Influences Your Immune System
Your immune system is largely dependent on it, and more than 99% of your genes come from this, not your chromosomes. Yet it's been lost through short-sighted practices and technology installations. Isn't it time we started leaning on the wisdom of our ancestors?

Address Sleep Posture to Optimize Cervical Spine and Health
When you do, it causes your body to compensate and these major muscles to go into a spasm, which rotates your pelvis and can contribute to herniation. It can also cause your spine to curve and atrophy a brain area involved in focus and executive functioning.

January 23, 2021

China Deletes Key SARS-CoV-2 Related Science
When you block World Health Organization investigators from entering the country, and delete some 300 studies, it's only natural to think this may be the greatest criminal conspiracy of our time. What are they trying to hide? Note: This could make you hot under the collar.

Can Carrots Help Combat COVID?
Carrots are high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamin A and a compound that researchers find helps fight COVID-19. You'll enjoy more health benefits with carrots but avoid this type at your store.

January 22, 2021

Decentralization Urgent as Big Tech Condemns Free Speech
An extra 70,000 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts were also suspended during their weekend purge, which is clearly violating our civil rights. The good news is there is a 'decentralized' solution, and advancements are moving quickly.

Oolong Tea May Help Shed Pounds While You Sleep
There are many benefits to routinely drinking tea, including raising adipose oxidation after drinking oolong tea. Before picking up a tea drinking habit, consider these factors.

January 21, 2021

Why You Need More Omega-3
If you have this marker for Type 1 diabetes along with low levels of this dietary essential, you could have a more than fourfold higher risk of developing autoimmune diabetes. But if you add in one or more servings of this food per week, you may be able to slash that risk by 49%.

Why Alcohol Is Bad for Sleep
Many people turn to alcohol to help them fall asleep, but doing so could backfire. While initially encouraging sleep, this is short-lived and will ultimately accelerate awakening during the second half of the night, leading to fragmented sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness.

January 20, 2021

Is Niacin a Missing Piece of the COVID Puzzle?
Researchers now believe this could be the missing key for both preventing and treating COVID-19. Used with these other strategies, it may help prevent the virus from invading your body in the first place, and help thwart the cytokine and bradykinin storms that can wreak havoc and cause death.

Ethanol Plant Using Treated GMO Corn Poisons Town
Residents, insects and businesses in rural Mead, Nebraska, are suffering due to widespread contamination by the area's ethanol plant. The plant is using corn seeds treated with neonicotinoid pesticides and storing the toxic waste in the town, which has contaminated air and water while killing and harming beneficial pollinators.

January 19, 2021

Fauci Now Says COVID-19 Vaccine May Become Mandatory
Tracking the most recent adverse event rate in the US for the COVID-19 vaccines, it now appears that you may be more likely to suffer harm from the vaccine than actually dying from COVID-19. Find out why ending the pandemic through the use of vaccines may be an unattainable dream.

Informed Consent for COVID Vaccine
The risk that COVID-19 vaccination could lead to worsened COVID-19 disease is so significant that a team of researchers recommended adding a separate informed consent form to warn of this risk. Despite this, patients receiving the vaccine are not told about this connection, violating their right to informed consent.

January 18, 2021

Could Most COVID-19 Deaths Have Been Prevented?
Research shows it could also significantly reduce the number of days critically ill patients spend in the ICU and decrease the need for ventilation. The Irish Covit-D Consortium is so convinced of this nutrient's value in saving lives, it's calling for greater use of it against COVID-19.

Milk Thistle Promotes Liver Function
Milk thistle has been historically used to promote liver health, yet this is only one of the benefits of the fruit and seeds. Consider these factors before planting or buying supplements.

Weekly Health Quiz: Linoleic Acid, Hacks and Pathogens
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January 17, 2021

Simple Hacks That Make Fasting Easy
These three hacks can help turn off hunger, stop the yo-yo cycle and help you finally get rid of those excess pounds and keep them off. Simply follow these four principles when everything else has failed.

Mind to Matter: How Your Brain Creates Material Reality
Fear and stress are rampant right now, and they're far more deadly and widespread than the COVID virus itself - causing your cortisol levels to soar which obliterates your immunity. Here's how to rewire your thinking and slash your cortisol levels by a third, in just 7 days.

January 16, 2021

The Plan for a Global System of Slavery
Of course, nobody wants this - but by frightening people with an invisible enemy, such as COVID-19, and then capitalizing on that fear (problem, reaction and solution) it's allowed for these new, invasive surveillance systems that will make your blood boil.

Smart Toilets Will Use Anal Fingerprints
Scientists are building 'smart toilets' that take pictures of your anus, analyze your stool and upload the information to the cloud. What could go wrong? Here's what you need to know about your toilet habits.

January 15, 2021

China's COVID Cover-Up Includes Imprisoning Journalist
All she did was post daily video reports about this on YouTube and Twitter since early February - yet they were in stark contrast to the state media's reports on the outbreak, so she's been thrown into jail for 'picking quarrels and provoking trouble.'

WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity
The World Health Organization has long defined herd immunity as protection from infectious disease due to immunity established via previous infection or vaccination. Now they changed the definition, removing natural infection from the equation and redefining reality in the process.

January 14, 2021

The Search for SARS-CoV-2’s Origin Must Continue
The virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, has several unique features that make it ideal for human infection. Yet it hasn't been found in any other living creature. Why doesn't it fit the evolution theory that some scientists are pushing?

COVID Vaccine May Not Prevent Infection, Disease Transmission
Vaccination for COVID-19 is underway, even as health officials state that getting vaccinated may not prevent you from becoming infected or transmitting the virus to others, and that masks and social distancing are still necessary.

January 13, 2021

Astonishing COVID-19 Testing Fraud Revealed
If you receive a positive result on a nasal swab or PCR test, don't panic. There's a good chance you don't have COVID-19. Based on a genetic sequence published by Chinese scientists, the PCR test is one of the greatest shams ever and was not intended to be used as a diagnostic tool.

LA Rolls Out Digital Vaccine Verification
Digital vaccine verification may sound reasonable, but it's the next step in social control over your freedom. You can take simple steps to fight back and help protect your privacy.

January 12, 2021

How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Vaccines
Recipients of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are suffering alarming life-threatening anaphylactic responses that have landed some in the ER. One shared ingredient is a substance that 70% of people develop antibodies against, which suggests many fatalities may lie ahead.

Can Flu Vaccine Increase COVID Risk?
Concerning data suggest flu vaccination is associated with an increased risk of COVID-19 death in the elderly, confirming previous links between flu vaccination and COVID-19 death rates.

January 11, 2021

The Type of Fat You Eat Affects Your COVID Risk
What if the food you ate influenced your risk of dying from COVID-19? Apparently it does, according to this new, compelling report, which explains why some patients develop life-threatening organ failure - and others don't. Plus, it names a metabolic poison that you'll especially want to avoid.

Can an Onion a Day Keep the Doctor Away?
Onions add flavor and are one of the richest sources of flavonoids, packed with dietary fiber, calcium and quercetin. Reduce the risk of crying while peeling using this technique.

Weekly Health Quiz: Censorship and Back Pain
Take this week's quiz to see how well you remember what you read on last week.

January 10, 2021

Address Sleep Posture to Optimize Cervical Spine and Health
When you do, it causes your body to compensate and these major muscles to go into a spasm, which rotates your pelvis and can contribute to herniation. It can also cause your spine to curve and atrophy a brain area involved in focus and executive functioning.

The Case for Keto
Contrary to what you've heard over the years, controlling obesity takes more than just eating fewer calories than you expend. What you eat matters, too. In fact, consuming too much of this (even in healthy foods) can break your metabolism, and is worse than eating excess sugar.

January 9, 2021

UK Authorities Shut Down Vitamin D Recommendation for COVID
Unlike masks, there's actually compelling evidence it slashes your COVID-19 risk by up to 12.55 times, and there's absolutely no downside to it. Is this decision designed to lead you astray, by health officials who don't have your best interests at heart?

Google Partners With Industry Lapdog to Promote Vaccines
Google has partnered with the Australian Science Media Centre (SMC) to spread more fact-checking propaganda as part of their COVID-19 Vaccine Media Hub, a disturbing revelation considering SMC's long history of corporate and government bias.

January 8, 2021

Dr. Mercola Defamed by Digital 'Anti-Hate' Group
Rather than encouraging a conversation about vaccine safety to increase public trust, the British and US governments are instead shutting down any discussion around the COVID-19 vaccine. Why are they attacking me?

More Reasons to Avoid Acetaminophen
Acetaminophen has previously been found to blunt emotional responses in addition to physical pain, and now researchers revealed it may dampen your response to risky behavior, making risk-taking more likely when using the popular pain reliever.

January 7, 2021

Landmark Publication on Vitamin C for COVID-19
And in many cases, outright opposed - yet a landmark review recommends its use as an adjunctive therapy for COVID-19. Just 6 to 24 grams a day have been shown to reduce mortality, ICU admission rates and hospital stays for patients with severe respiratory infections.

Various Interpretations of DNR Can Affect a Loved One's Care
Some providers may misinterpret a 'do not resuscitate' (DNR) order, which affects the care a loved one receives. Here's how to establish your wishes and help prevent this from happening.

January 6, 2021

Pentagon Funded Nonprofit Covering Up SARS-CoV-2 Origin
Their president has been the primary expert chosen by the mainstream media to explain the origin of the pandemic. Yet they've never asked him about this $39 million elephant in the room, which adds a whole new dimension to the underlying purpose of their research activity.

WSJ: Hospitals Return to Basics for COVID Treatment
After months of ventilating COVID-19 patients to stop the spread of the disease, doctors find basic care improves survival. Home treatments that reduce the risk of hospitalization have been silenced.

January 5, 2021

Mutated COVID Virus Marketed to Justify New Lockdowns
We're being told that a new, mutated strain of SARS-CoV-2 is up to 70% more infectious than previous circulating variants, but, suspiciously, no data has been made public. Could this be just another ploy to conceal the continuing, massive transfer of wealth?

Apps Now Being Developed for Global Vaccine Passport
CommonPass, the Digital Health Pass and Health Passport Europe are examples of apps now available to track and trace your COVID-19 test results and vaccination status. They're being pawned off as necessary to protect public health, but they represent a major threat to your civil liberties - and they're likely only the beginning.

January 4, 2021

Artemisinin From Sweet Wormwood Inhibits SARS-CoV-2
This plant already has a long-standing history of use as a highly effective antiparasitic and antitumor therapy. Now researchers believe it has potent antiviral properties, too. While advocates for this medicinal herb applaud it as a preventive and treatment for COVID-19, the WHO fights back.

Butter Is Booming
Americans are spending more time at home cooking and baking, causing butter sales to soar. Butter production is so high that it's slated to reach 2 billion pounds - a level it hasn't reached since 1943.

Weekly Health Quiz: Children, Infections and Lockdowns
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January 3, 2021

Mind to Matter: How Your Brain Creates Material Reality
Fear and stress are rampant right now, and they're far more deadly and widespread than the COVID virus itself - causing your cortisol levels to soar which obliterates your immunity. Here's how to rewire your thinking and slash your cortisol levels by a third, in just 7 days.

Tests to Assess Your Risk for Chronic Disease and COVID-19
Not only does this brain disease frequently follow glaucoma, early cataracts are a bad sign for longevity - with most people dying of some vascular event fairly young. Test yourself before it's too late by using nonionizing light waves. Costs about $50.

January 2, 2021

Cattle Rancher Warns About the Meat You're Buying
COVID-19 has forced US farmers to dump their food supplies - plow under vegetable crops, dump hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk, and euthanize millions of chickens and pigs. Worse, ranchers prepare to 'depopulate' their herds as the US imports inferior beef from other countries.

Why Did a COVID Vaccine Turn HIV Tests Positive?
Data show one COVID-19 vaccine turned HIV tests positive and other scientists warn some vaccines may raise the risk of getting an HIV infection. It's important to weigh your personal risk-benefit ratio before deciding.

January 1, 2021

You Can Get Stronger and Healthier as You Age!
Sarcopenia is the name ascribed to the age-related decline in muscle mass and strength. You need healthy skeletal muscle up until the end of life because it's essential for your circulation, metabolism and brain function. Take action now to preserve yours - or help regain muscle if it's already lost.

Vigorous Exercise Associated With Additional Health Benefits
Vigorous exercise, even in short bursts, is associated with robust health benefits. Use these easy strategies to lower the risks from inactivity while working from home.