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July 12, 2024

Exploring How Your Diet Can Influence the Genetic Health of Future Generations
If your parents or grandparents had poor nutrition or were exposed to toxic substances, you may be suffering from its ill effects today, along with your offspring. Explore how past generations, as well as what you do or eat, influence the genetic health of future generations.

Walking While Working Can Benefit Your Body and Mind
Office workers who sit at a desk throughout the day are at increased risk for diseases. This novel solution may help counteract the negative effects.

Here's What Happens When You Quit Smoking
Nearly 42% of adults smoked 50 years ago. In 2015, that number was 15% and continues to drop each year. Research has demonstrated that it is never too late to quit and reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Here's what happens in your body when you stop smoking.

July 11, 2024

Dietary Support for the Alcoholic
Want to quit drinking but don't know where to start? Going off alcohol cold turkey isn't the answer, and can even be life threatening. Adding in these foods and adopting these strategies can help you overcome cravings and restore dopamine balance for stable mood and reduced reliance on alcohol.

The COVID-19 Shot Can Double Your Risk of Dying Faster, Study Finds
Published research suggests that getting Big Pharma's blockbuster jab into your arm doubles your risk of premature death, and may trigger 'turbo cancers.'

Ginger Fights Obesity
Ginger, an ancient, highly prized spice, has been known as being protective against many chronic diseases, but it's also been tapped for its effectiveness against obesity and metabolic syndrome. What else can ginger do for you?

July 10, 2024

Stop Illegal Organic Imports
The organic food industry is in trouble. As the demand for organic has skyrocketed, so has fraud. And that's harming small US farmers who are trying to do the right thing. Are you paying extra for organic food that may not be organic?

Chemicals in Ultraprocessed and Fast Food Packaging Pose Serious Risks for Pregnant Women
New research warns pregnant women against consuming ultraprocessed and fast food products due to potential exposure to harmful plastic chemicals.

Blood Pressure Lowered by Probiotics
There's been an ongoing debate in medical circles about whether salt causes high blood pressure. The only answer, they say, is to curb salt intake. But research shows that consuming probiotics serves to lower blood pressure in ways that positively affect other aspects of your health.

July 9, 2024

What Is the Best Diet for Longevity?
Conventional thinking suggests that if you 'live fast' you will die young, making calorie restriction and fasting essential tools for a slower metabolism and greater longevity. Many researchers are now questioning this theory. Follow these nine tips to improve your metabolism and boost longevity.

Nearly 900,000 Yogi Tea Bags Recalled Over High Levels of Pesticide Residue
One company had to recall nearly 900,000 bags of organic tea. In another case, organic kale samples were found to have higher levels of 'forever chemicals' than conventionally grown kale. What's going on? Does this mean it's no longer worth paying extra for organic food?

Should You Eat Cactus Fruit for Betalain?
A powerful compound called betalain, a natural plant pigment in an assortment of foods, including beets and cactus fruit (aka prickly pear), has been found to have several powerful effects on health on a cellular level, fighting cancer, hypertension and the inflammation implicated in so many other serious diseases.

July 8, 2024

The Crucial Role of Cellular Energy in Heart Rhythm Disorders
Watch out for this as you age. It can cause blood to pool and clot in your heart (which can also travel to your brain) and increases your risk of a stroke by three to five times. Yet at the heart of this complex condition lies this fascinating 'player' modern medicine overlooks.

Is Florida Headed Toward a Dengue Fever Outbreak?
With cases of locally acquired infections rising, Florida residents are advised to take caution. Although rarely fatal - only 1 in 20 dengue infections develop into severe disease - prevention is still the best course of action. Here's how to stay protected.

B12 Proven Essential for Every Cell
Crucial for your body's vital functions, vitamin B12 is essential for most life on the planet, but has few production sources. These microbial marine organisms may be responsible for much of the planet's B12 production and metabolism, which has important ecological implications globally.

July 7, 2024

How to Maximize the Health Benefits of Sauna Usage
There are many myths out there about saunas, regarding type, temperature and time. This surprising research - convincing enough to make me revise my sauna recommendations - reveals that it takes less time and heat to reap valuable benefits, as long as you use this type of sauna.

How Your Microbiome Influences Your Dietary Recommendations
New research challenges traditional views on this common compound and its impact on gut health, suggesting that what you thought was healthy could be harming you.

Why Proper Breathing Is the Key to Optimal Health
Contrary to popular belief, deep breathing often does more harm than good - decreasing blood flow to your brain, and even tightening blood vessels. So if you're belly breathing, deep breathing or doing Buteyko breathing, it may be triggering a wide variety of unwanted symptoms.

July 6, 2024

The Fit Generation
What makes some individuals, despite personal loss or significant health challenges, able to continue to engage in the physically activities they love and lead vibrant lives, all while finding joy? This award-winning documentary explores the lives of active older adults as they prove age is just a number.

How to Dress in Hot Weather
Choosing the right natural fabrics - in the right colors - can help you stay cool and comfortable even when temperatures soar. You can also use clothing to prevent overexposure to the sun and avoid toxic sunscreen.

Dangerous Cosmetics Causing Major Harm to Skin
The number of reported adverse effects from personal care products is rising, and may actually be higher than what is reported to the FDA. I'll give you strategies to protect yourself from heavy metals, plasticizers and toxic chemicals in your everyday products.

July 5, 2024

Autopsies Link 73.9% of Post-Jab Deaths to the Shot
Originally pulled within 24 hours by The Lancet for no legitimate reason, this peer-reviewed systematic review of 325 autopsy cases related to COVID-19 shots is finally seeing the light of day. And it's leaving no question as to why The Lancet fought so hard to keep it buried.

Pros and Cons of Wearing a Weighted Vest During Walks
Wearing a weighted vest can take your walking workouts up a notch, leading to greater fitness gains. However, you must do it properly to avoid potential injury.

How Monsanto Buys Science and Promotes Cancer
Glyphosate is one of the most heavily used weed killers. It is found in the urine of 93% of Americans, and has been linked to cancer, kidney disease and autism. Yet Monsanto continues to buy science in an effort to carry on its financial reign of terror over farmers and families.

July 4, 2024

Why We Cook ... and Chop, Ferment, Salt and Dry
When this Canadian received a gunshot wound to his stomach (which didn't fully heal), it allowed an Army surgeon to study the difference between eating these two types of foods. What he discovered could save you from low bone mass, low B12 and elevated levels of this.

The Impact of Early Menstruation on the Health of Young Females
A recent study shows that compared to past generations, young females today are experiencing their first menstrual cycles at an earlier age and taking more time to establish regular periods. Researchers are exploring the potential causes behind this shift and its implications for their health in adulthood.

How to Stay Calm Among Chaos
Is stress bogging down your mind and making you feel physically near burnout? These relaxation techniques can help you get back in control of your mind and body for better health and a happier life.

July 3, 2024

Dermatology's Disastrous War Against the Sun
We're told to lather on the sunscreen before going out in the sun, but is it really necessary? Find out how a two-million-dollar marketing scheme back in the early 1980s laid the foundation for rampant fearmongering about sunshine and overtreatment of skin issues with unnecessary, lucrative surgeries.

Tattoos May Increase Your Risk of Lymphoma, a Study Finds
Getting a tattoo? It may not be worth it. According to published research, this cosmetic procedure can increase your risk for diseases, most notably cancer.

Mammograms Are a Tragic Lie
Research demonstrates mammograms, recommended for early detection of disease, do not effectively reduce your risk of death. I'll share strategies to help reduce your risk of the disease.

July 2, 2024

Bird Flu — Another Attempt to Control the Food System and Make a Profit
Officials are already issuing warnings, the mainstream media is talking about it and people are buying into the lies - again. A bit déjà vu, they're saying human lives are at risk. Cut through the propaganda and get the straight facts here.

Study Finds Giving Babies Peanut Butter Lowers Their Peanut Allergy Risk — But Should You Do It?
Recent findings show that introducing peanuts into children's diet from infancy until age 5 can help reduce their peanut allergy risk later in life, but there's an important caveat to consider.

What Happens to Your Body When You Use the Internet
Dependence on digital devices, encouraged by software companies, may trigger physical and psychological symptoms, even after just 15 minutes. Researchers theorize it may be related to stress and anxiety. I give you one of my favorite strategies to reduce your stress and break the habit.

July 1, 2024

Breakthrough Study Uncovers 'Off Switch' for COVID mRNA Shots
Much like long COVID, 'long vax' symptoms have been reported following the COVID-19 jabs, as the mRNA shots are known to continue producing unwanted spike protein in the body, without any off switch. If you've had the jab and are experiencing these symptoms, this will be welcome news.

‘Failure to Thrive’ Is an Outdated Medical Diagnosis
Getting this diagnosis from your doctor may seem like it's your fault, but it ignores the underlying factors that can be addressed, namely poor cellular health.

What Is Diarrhea Anyway?
Although sometimes uncomfortable or painful, you don't want to stop the process unnaturally, as it could increase the severity and length of time you suffer from an illness. Research discovers the relationship between proteins and open holes in your intestines. I'll give you strategies to help your body heal.