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September 17, 2021

Are These Findings the Death Blow for Vaccine Passports?
This should be the death blow for vaccine passports - and it ought to silence the debate about whether people who have had COVID are immune, and how that immunity compares to that of the COVID shots. Could a single COVID shot actually harm a previously infected person's immunity?

The Covidian Cult – There’s Reality, and There’s “Reality”
The 'New Normal,' a global totalitarian ideological movement, being systematically implemented under the guise of protecting public health.

Chicken Little's Puppet Masters — Fear Destroys Freedom
Health officials are using the idea of virus mutation to incite fear, and that's the last thing we need in the midst of an epidemic like COVID-19. Here's why you don't need to fear mutations - it all comes down to the virus' genetic material.

September 16, 2021

CNN Story That Never Was
CNN reporter Randi Kaye had no problem publishing her hit piece on me in August after visiting my home town unannounced. This second round - an interview about my newest best-selling book - has vanished into thin air. Why won't CNN publish this story that could save lives and turn the pandemic around?

Nasal Irrigation May Help Prevent COVID Hospitalizations
Doing something as simple as irrigating your nose with saline may help reduce your risk of severe COVID disease. Your health depends on how you support your immune system. Consider this for lung and gut health.

Vaccine Insider: COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaign Must End
This vaccinology expert, who has worked with the Gates Foundation, is raising the alarm over the mass vaccination rollout. He argues that current actions could pressure SARS-CoV-2 to become a killer virus that would return in much larger waves and threaten previously resistant people.

September 15, 2021

Shockingly, CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated
Biden is out there saying you're not going to get COVID if you have the vaccinations - yet the data are telling us the complete opposite. Here's how the CDC is using a '14-day loophole,' different testing guidelines and counting tricks to pull the wool over your eyes.

America’s Bioweapon Secrets
The pandemic has put a focus on bioweapons research in China, but the US has a history of dangerous bioweapons research of its own, carried out largely at Fort Detrick in Maryland, right on US soil.

COVID-19 Vaccines Likened to ‘Software Updates’ for Your Body
Some doctors are concerned that they might. The mRNA of retroviruses have the ability to transcribe into your DNA, so why not COVID-19 vaccine mRNA? If that turns out to be true, you may be subjecting yourself to lifelong COVID-19 by consenting to one of the mRNA 'vaccines.'

September 14, 2021

Two Key Senior FDA Officials Resign Over Vaccine Decisions
The FDA has been a captured agency that does the bidding of Big Pharma for years. With the 'booster' rollout in September causing two senior officials to suddenly turn in their resignation, is the house of cards about to crumble?

Study Shows Vaccine Will Enhance Delta Infectivity
Pfizer's mRNA injection enhanced the infectivity of a Delta variant with four mutations, with researchers stating that it's poised to acquire complete resistance to the shot.

Can You Trust Big Pharma’s Gene Therapy Vaccine?
Either leaked or hacked, documents show issues arose in November, 2020 about mRNA vaccine quality assurance, specifically critical RNA instability. More recently, warnings are being issued about the lipid nanoparticle component of the mRNA vaccines, responsible for many of their side effects.

September 13, 2021

Massive ‘Horse’ Lies About Nobel Prize Winning Treatment
This clinically backed treatment is effective for all stages of COVID - it lowers viral load, inhibits replication and inflammation, prevents transmission and speeds recovery. So why is the media in full-attack mode, calling it a risky veterinary medicine that's worthless for treating COVID in humans?

Current Curcumin Studies
Data show those taking curcumin have a lower risk of severe disease and a lower death rate, potentially related to lowering infectivity. Curcumin has additional health benefits but needs an added compound to be effective.

COVID-19 'Vaccines' Are Gene Therapy
Not a vaccine in the medical definition, the COVID-19 'vaccine' is really an experimental gene therapy that does not render immunity or prevent infection or transmission of the disease. Instead, it alters your genetic coding, turning you into a viral protein factory that has no off-switch.

September 12, 2021

Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?
If you're being bullied into taking a COVID jab to keep your job or to go to school, you'll appreciate these handy resources created by this physicist, nuclear cardiologist, researcher and attorney. And if you're a health care worker giving the jabs, you need to know how you're breaking the law.

Visual Display of How mRNA Vaccine Affects Cells
Each dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine deposits 40 trillion mRNA molecules into your body, but only 25% stay at the injection site. What happens to the other 75%? Deeply concerned for his patients, this family physician created a video to show what these mRNA molecules do to the body.

How Bill Gates Premeditated COVID Vaccine Injury Censorship
Bill Gates has his hand on the pulse of global public policy and decision-making. One event he sponsored predicted and premeditated censorship of vaccine information.

September 11, 2021

New Cache of Documents Exposes Lies to Congress
A former investigator is saying he lied to Congress when he claimed this, and there's a research article that is a 'smoking gun.' This is a federal offense punishable by up to five years in prison, but will Senator Rand Paul's grilling send him there?

The Bombshell Outbreak in the Wuhan Lab
A public House Foreign Affairs Committee investigation found chilling facts to support more than a lab leak for SARS-CoV-2, which likely happened earlier than December 2019. The report is worth reading; here are the highlights.

New Policy Against Amalgam Paves Way for Victory Worldwide
The end is finally in sight. Countless people around the world die directly from toxins in the air and in our bodies. There's a good chance this includes you, too, as this government-endorsed source of brain-harming toxins has been a widespread health threat in the US and Europe for decades.

September 10, 2021

Perspectives on the Pandemic With Dr. Peter McCullough
To sum it up: 'It's not working and it's causing tremendous damage.' Don't expect to get any accurate data on how well the COVID vaccines are working - or even how many people are suffering side effects. The CDC is hell-bent on making the vaccines appear far better than they really are and the scandalous actions they're willing to take to do it will make your jaw drop.

Niacin + Melatonin Support Metabolic Health
Used together, niacin and melatonin offer some unique benefits, including supporting metabolic and immune health. Here's what else you will want to know if you commonly get a niacin flush reaction.

World Health Organization Enters Damage Control Mode
A former lead investigator states that with motive, cover-up and conspiracy - it has all the hallmarks of guilt. And this member of the Institutional Biosafety Committee has also called out the members of the WHO-instigated investigative team as participants of disinformation.

September 9, 2021

Will Fauci Be Held Accountable for Lying to Congress?
Right now, Tony Fauci probably wishes this research article didn't exist - but it does, and it clearly shows the National Institutes for Health funded gain-of-function research. Backed into a corner, can Fauci really continue to deny his involvement and knowledge of the true origin of SARS-CoV-2?

How Politicians Make Millions
Many politicians become multimillionaires by trading stocks and options. Are their successful trades just luck or do they benefit from their inside knowledge about the corporations they trade - and their power to wield legislation that affects the companies' futures?

IBM Colluded With Hitler, Now Makes Vaccine Passports
This well-known American company is not to be forgotten for its horrific past in which its leadership and technology played a pivotal role in the holocaust. Why should a company so steeped in terror and genocide be trusted to create the same kind of data system decades later for Americans?

September 8, 2021

Judge Removes Child From Mom Over Vaccination Status
An Illinois mother lost her rights to see her 11-year-old son, simply because she followed her doctor's advice to avoid the shot due to prior vaccine reactions. Is this the beginning of an era where the COVID shot can be used in court at a judge's whim to reward or punish?

Geoengineering Is No Longer a Secret Conspiracy
The United Nations is considering the use of spraying sulfate aerosols into the Earth's stratosphere to manipulate the global climate, but critics point out the potential for catastrophic risks - from drought and flooding to social control.

Masks Are a Ticking Time Bomb
Many don't realize it, but disposable masks aren't made out of user-friendly, 'green' materials. Instead, their plastic fibers release micro particles, making them a bigger threat to the environment than plastic bags. And when you wear a disposable mask, you can inhale the microfibers.

September 7, 2021

Long-Term Dangers of Experimental mRNA Shots
There's an overlooked aspect of the COVID mRNA shot called 'codon optimization,' which virtually guarantees unexpected results. Nearly 61% of the codons - the codes to generate the protein - in the COVID shots have been optimized, creating the potential for many serious long-term effects.

The Great Reset Demands Firing All Unvaccinated Employees
Two years ago, this may have been a nightmare, but it's coming true. Employees who worked through the pandemic without a vaccine are now being threatened with unemployment if they don't take the shot.

Vaccines Are the New 'Purity' Test
Soon you may be left with two options - submit to being a lab rat for an experimental injection or live your life as an outcast. It truly is a mindboggling ruse, and unless enough people are able to see it for what it is, the world could literally be turned into a prison planet.

September 6, 2021

Study: COVID Shot Enhances Delta Infectivity
Real-world data from Israel confirm those who have received the COVID jab are 6.72 times more likely to get infected than those with natural immunity. What's more, people who were vaccinated early are now at an increased risk for severe COVID disease.

How to Determine if You Need to Go to the Hospital for COVID
While there are certain emergency signs that warrant a trip to the ER, most people with COVID-19 can recover safely at home. Going to the hospital unnecessarily can be dangerous in itself.

Free Speech Threatened by Censorship Extremists
Back in the 1930s, a campaign was conducted to burn those books viewed as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to Nazism. See how history is repeating itself to destroy all bases of human thought using modern technology. Don't let these psychopaths swindle us.

September 5, 2021

Annual Mercury Awareness Week Update
The end is finally in sight. Countless people around the world die directly from toxins in the air and in our bodies. There's a good chance this includes you, too, as this government-endorsed source of brain-harming toxins has been a widespread health threat in the US and Europe for decades.

Microbiologist Explains COVID Jab Effects
Having worked in vaccine development during his career, this German microbiologist believes in vaccines that work and make sense. But now he's issuing a dire warning about the COVID-19 jabs. Find out why he thinks they offer zero benefits and are the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

Vandana Shiva on the Taking Down of Bill Gates' Empires
By giving tiny bits of money to important institutions that in turn attract government money, he's been able to take control of the agenda of these institutions. Plus, his insatiable greed has granted him the ability to stick his fingers into everything that's life and create more problems than solutions.

September 4, 2021

Why the WHO Is a Corrupt, Unhealthy Organization
Did you know the director general of the WHO has no medical degree and a background that includes accusations of human rights violations? Can you guess who contributes more to their $4.84 billion budget than any member-state government?

Doctor Calls Out CDC at School Board Meeting
Despite presenting evidence to back his claims, this doctor has been vilified by the media for sharing accurate and helpful information with his local school board. Published 'fact checking' manipulated his statements.

September 3, 2021

FDA Fast-Tracks RSV mRNA 'Vaccine'
Despite the fact previous efforts to develop a vaccine for this have met with failure (because test subjects have a tendency to die or become seriously ill when exposed to the wild virus), it's just been granted fast-track designation. Are they intentionally creating a public health disaster?

Air Purifiers Can Clear 99% of Aerosols in Minutes
One strategy to reduce viral illnesses is to lower the concentration of viruses in the air, which may also improve challenges with indoor air pollution. Here are strategies to consider at home.

September 2, 2021

Top Misinformation Article Attributed to Chicago Tribune
I was recently called out as the biggest spreader of 'disinformation' from a list created by an unregistered foreign agent funded by dark money, which unleashed a firestorm of hatred from the media and vaccine zealots. Now, Facebook is calling it all a sham.

Children Born During Pandemic Have Lower IQ
Infants born during the pandemic tested with lower IQ scores. Neurodevelopment is affected by several factors, including parental interaction and stimulation. Here are strategies to help reduce the risk.

September 1, 2021

Bill Gates and the Vaccine Heist
It's no secret that Bill Gates is a major shareholder in Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA and a primary funder of the US FDA. Considering it takes an average of 12 years to get FDA approval, are Gates' fingerprints all over the Pfizer jab's speedy approval?

This Could Help Fight Fast-Fashion Pollution
Textile pollution is a major contributor to global waste. Experts estimate 85% of donated clothes end up in landfills. Consider these steps to ensure your clothes do not add to the problem.