Most Prostate Cancer Treatments Unnecessary and Harmful

Treatments for prostate cancer such as surgery to remove the prostate gland or radiotherapy may not be necessary for most men diagnosed with a low-grade of the disease.

While prostate cancer treatments can result in serious side effects, including incontinence and impotence, a modeling study by researchers at the Institute of Cancer Research in England found that men whose cancer is detected early by a PSA screening are not likely to die from the disease.

The study predicted that men between the ages of 55 and 59 with low-grade cancer have a one in 100 chance of dying from the disease within 15 years, even when no treatment was received. So treatments are not likely to prolong survival in these cases.

The PSA test, which measures levels of prostate-specific antigen, a protein produced by the prostate gland, allows doctors to detect prostate cancer earlier.

The researchers are testing a new technique for prostate cancer called Active Surveillance, which will help ensure that treatment is given only to men who will benefit. Men who have high-grade, advanced, prostate cancer, for instance, would likely benefit from treatments.

Guest Comment by Dr. Larry Clapp:

This study happily confirms what we have been coaching and observing for 16 years now, since I resolved my own prostate cancer, without drugs or surgery, in 1990.

However, it is even better because cleansing and rebuilding, as spelled out  in Prostate Health in 90 Days Without Drugs or Surgery -- 2005 Edition, has enabled the men who have followed the program to actually heal their prostates

On successive sonograms, one can actually see the blood flow to a prostate tumor diminish, and then the tumor itself diminish and disappear, by following a program of deep cleansing and rebuilding. The only side effects are a renewed sexuality, and a healthier and happier, long life.

The study demonstrates pretty clearly that the tendency of many urologists to rush to cut, fry or freeze the prostate is unwarranted in most cases. What the study fails to demonstrate, though, is that prostate cancer can be healed naturally, which may be even more important to men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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