This Refreshing Kefir is Very Yummy Indeed!

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November 10, 2007 | 66,854 views

In this video, I'll be showing you how to make some yummy-scrummy, very-good-for-you kefir, which I'll make from raw cow's milk. You can also use raw goats milk if you'd like. In a future video, I'll teach you how to make kefir from young coconut milk, which is very scrummylicious, especially with a squeeze of lime, very yummy indeed!


  • 1 quart fresh, raw, organic milk

  • 1 packet Body Ecology Kefir Starter (available through



  • Sterilize a heavy-based pan, medium-sized, glass bowl (with rubber lid), mixing spoon and whisk in very, very hot water. Do not use cleaning chemicals to clean these utensils.

  • Pour milk into heavy-based pan. Turn heat on low, to very gently and slowly bring milk to skin temperature (about 5 minutes, checking occasionally so as not to overheat). The idea is to not kill any good bacteria or enzymes in the raw milk.

  • Check the temperature by placing a clean knuckle in the milk, and when you do, you should feel neither heat nor cold. Once at skin temperature, remove from heat.

  • At this point, you could just leave the milk to sour by itself. This would not be true kefir, but you would get some good bacteria and enzymes from this. But with kefir starter, you can introduce more good bacteria and enzymes, making it very healthy for your gut.

  • Whisk in a packet of Body Ecology Kefir Starter with milk. The lactose (milk sugar) will begin to awaken the bacteria in the Kefir Starter. The beneficial bacteria feed on, and grow in, the milk, which is exactly what we want to have happen.

  • Pour milk/kefir starter mixture into glass bowl and cover with rubber lid.

  • Keep bowl on your kitchen countertop for about 18 to 36 hours. Refrigerate.


    You'll end up with very yummy, healthy kefir, which has slightly thickened. Shake before using. Enjoy the kefir with breakfast or in salad dressings. There are endless ways to use the kefir. It's also delicious and refreshing to drink plain.

    Your family's health will benefit greatly from this wonderful, yogurt-like drink. Hope you enjoy this one!