Did You Know Elephants Can Actually Paint Pictures?

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You’ve heard the phrase an elephant never forgets? Well, here’s another example of the intelligence of these gentle giants. The elephant in this video, who was rescued from abusive treatment in Burma, actually paints a beautiful self-portrait!

How can this be? Well, elephants are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They have highly developed brains, with traits similar to humans, apes and dolphins.

In fact, even though this elephant may have been trained to paint pictures, elephants are known to display traits of self-awareness. For instance, if an elephant sees its image in a mirror, it may try to rub a smudge of dirt off its face. Elephants are also known to grieve, use tools, show a sense of humor, and also share in joyful events, such as gathering to greet a newborn.

Simply amazing!
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