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Charges Dropped Against Doctor in Case of Autistic Boy's Death

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  • Chelation is just one of many strategies that can be implemented to help children with autism but it is not entirely without risk
  • A number of physicians use DMSA to remove the mercury from children with autism. However, some clinicians have some serious concerns about the use of DMSA due to serious repercussions
  • The medical literature favors DMPS over DMSA as the drug of choice for mercury removal, although neither should be considered as a magic bullet
  • Many of the features of autism bear striking similarities to features of mercury poisoning, and treating autistic children with agents to remove mercury and/or other heavy metals has brought about positive results
  • Biomedical treatments and special diets provide more improvements than pharmaceutical drugs

By Dr. Mercola

Criminal charges have been dropped against a doctor accused of causing the death of a 5-year-old autistic boy.

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