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The 4 Best, and 3 Worst, Sweeteners to Have in Your Kitchen

The 4 Best, and 3 Worst, Sweeteners to Have in Your Kitchen

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  • Artificial sweeteners are worse for you than any form of sugar
  • Fructose, including agave and high fructose corn syrup, is the worst natural sweetener you can consume and in large doses rivals the metabolic toxicity of even artificial sweeteners
  • Stevia is a safe, natural sweetener that may have anti-diabetic properties
  • Sugar alcohols such as xylitol may also be relatively safe in moderation
  • Limiting your intake of sugar and fructose is one of the smartest moves you can make to protect your long-term health and reduce your risk of chronic disease

By Dr. Mercola

What to use to sweeten your food is a popular subject, given that so many people have an affinity for sweets, and it's widely known that refined sugar is one of the worst foods you can eat. You have to be cautious when choosing an alternative, though, because some may actually be worse for you than the real thing, including some sweeteners that are widely regarded as "healthy" but in reality are anything but.

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