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The Diet Doctor Everybody Loves – Gary Taubes

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  • The idea that weight gain is simply a matter of “calories in” versus “calories out” is just plain wrong… the real weight-gain culprit is carbs in your diet.
  • Overeating carbohydrate-rich foods can prevent a higher percentage of fats from being used for energy, and lead to an increase in fat-driven weight gain. It also raises your insulin levels, which can cause insulin resistance, followed by diabetes and a host of other chronic diseases.
  • When you eat large amounts of sugar, fructose, bread, pasta, and any other grain products, you're essentially sending a hormonal message, via insulin, to your body that says both “keep eating” and "store more fat."
  • When you cut carbs from sugar, fructose and grains, you need to replace those calories with healthy fats such as those from raw nuts, grass-fed butter and meats, coconut oil, egg and avocados.

By Dr. Mercola

Gary Taubes, a prominent scientific journalist and author of several books, has blown the lid off of several fallacies of conventional wisdom with respects to diet and health.

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