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Why I Believe Over Half of Your Diet Should Be Made Up of Saturated Fat

Why I Believe Over Half of Your Diet Should Be Made Up of Saturated Fat

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  • Crisco changed the way Americans cooked and ate, and it has taken 90 years to debunk the myth that hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fat) is healthier than animal fats (saturated fat)—a myth created and maintained primarily through wildly successful marketing and one seriously flawed hypothesis
  • In more recent years, numerous studies have confirmed that saturated fat consumption is not associated with heart disease. On the contrary, it appears to be associated with improved heart health and decreased risk of heart disease
  • I and other nutritional experts believe most people need upwards of 50-70 percent healthful fats in their diet for optimal health

By Dr. Mercola

A little over 100 years ago a German scientist wrote a letter to a company that made soap, and in so doing changed the way the world cooks its food. The soap company, Procter & Gamble, bought the scientist's idea—and Crisco was born.

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