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Will Technology Someday Eliminate Your Need for Sleep?

Sleep Habits

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  • Poor sleep has been linked to a number of health ailments, including short-term memory loss, behavioral problems, weight gain, diabetes and even increased risk of cancer
  • New technologies are emerging, promising to decrease our relentless need for sleep without the side effects associated with stimulant drugs. This includes a mask designed to optimize the restorative power of the “power nap,” transcranial stimulation devices to treat insomnia, and transcranial magnetic stimulation, which can literally induce deep sleep at the flip of a switch
  • Sound stimulation has also been shown to be effective for prolonging deep sleep and improving memory when sounds were synchronized to the subject’s brain waves
  • ZEO is an innovative sleep measurement device that allows you to perform a personalized 'sleep study' at home, and evaluate how various factors affect your sleep

By Dr. Mercola

Sleep is such an important part of your overall wellness that no amount of healthful food and exercise can counteract the ill effects of poor sleeping habits.

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