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Kids Who Drink Raw Milk Have Less Asthma and Allergies

Drinking Raw Milk

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  • School-aged children who drank raw milk were 41 percent less likely to develop asthma and about 50 percent less likely to develop hay fever than children who drank store-bought (pasteurized) milk
  • The beneficial effect may have been due to whey proteins, including BSA and alpha-lactalbumin, in the raw milk, which were destroyed by the heating process in the pasteurized milk
  • Raw milk is rich in beneficial raw fats, amino acids, and proteins in a highly bioavailable form, all 100-percent digestible
  • Drinking concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) milk raw would be extremely dangerous, as it must be pasteurized for safety; milk from grass-fed cows raised on smaller, clean farms can be safely consumed without being pasteurized, provided the farmer is committed to providing a safe, quality product

By Dr. Mercola

Rates of allergy and asthma have been on the rise in the industrialized world for the past 50 years. It's now so widespread that up to 50 percent of schoolchildren are sensitive to one or more common allergens.

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