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Sleep Therapy Seen as an Aid for Depression

Sleep Therapy

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  • 87 percent of depression patients who resolved their insomnia had major improvements to their depression, with symptoms disappearing after eight weeks
  • Study participants received talk therapy sessions, known as cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), to successfully treat their insomnia
  • CBT-1 teaches people to reserve their bed only for sleeping, and involves guidance such as establishing a regular wake-up time and getting out of bed when you’re awake
  • Past research showed 60 percent of those receiving CBT-1 insomnia therapy fully recovered from their depression after seven sessions
  • Addressing lifestyle factors, like your sleep, may play a crucial role in helping to restore balance to your system and resolve depression

By Dr. Mercola

The link between depression and lack of sleep is well established. Of the approximately 18 million Americans with depression, more than half of them struggle with insomnia, which is defined as a month or more of chronic sleep loss that interferes with your personal and work life.

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