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Half of the World’s Food Is Thrown Away

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  • A report on global food waste suggests that up to half of the food produced in the world today is wasted, never reaching a human mouth
  • In spite of the fact that there is more than enough food produced globally to feed every single man, woman, and child, 2.3 million children still die of hunger every year
  • Farmers typically assume that 20 to 40 percent of their produce will never go to market, even if it’s perfectly fit for human consumption
  • Food waste costs $165 billion annually, plus another $750 million to dispose of it; it also consumes 25 percent of our freshwater and four percent of our oil
  • One dozen tips are provided to help you reduce your own food waste, including strategic shopping, vacuum packing, and composting

By Dr. Mercola

That old bunch of carrots or pot of soup that sat for too long in your fridge, then ended up in your trash, doesn't seem like much. But when multiplied over an entire year and expanded globally, the problem of food waste becomes one of epic proportions.

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