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Could Strenuous Exercise at Night Mean Better Sleep?

Could Strenuous Exercise at Night Mean Better Sleep?

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  • Past research showed people who exercised vigorously for 35 minutes right before bed slept just as well as on nights when they didn't exercise
  • A poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that 83 percent of people said they slept better when they exercised (even late at night) than when they did not
  • Students who reported more exertion during exercise 1.5 hours prior to bedtime fell asleep faster, woke up fewer times during the night, and slept more deeply than those who exercised less vigorously
  • The students who exercised with higher levels of exertion also reported increased tiredness, less hunger, and better mood at night
  • The best time for YOU to exercise is whenever you will do it consistently, but if you’re sensitive to late-night exercise and find it keeps you awake, then schedule your workouts for another time of day

By Dr. Mercola

One of the benefits of exercise overall is improved sleep quality, but it's typically recommended that you not exercise within three hours of bedtime so you have adequate time to wind down.

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