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Mercury-free dentists — Pioneers and catalysts for 21st century health care

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

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  • During this Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, we highlight those who stand firm against amalgam: the mercury-free dentists of the world. We salute these pioneers for challenging the dental industry’s abhorrent policy of dumping mercury into the bodies and environment of American families
  • Consumers for Dental Choice ended dental board oppression of mercury-free dentists by the notorious “gag rule,” which attempted to mandate silence rather than disclosure by dentists
  • Most dentists continue to stand silent. Only 11% of consumers have been told that amalgam fillings have mercury. Thus, most consumers don’t know that about amalgam fillings, and many are understandably deceived by the term silver fillings — a consumer fraud
  • You can help hasten the day for mercury-free dentistry by donating to Consumers for Dental Choice.

Less than a generation ago, only 3 percent of dentists were mercury-free. Dentistry's best-kept secret was that amalgam fillings had mercury, a neurotoxin that can permanently injure the developing brains of children and fetuses.

The secret was enforced by tyrannical dental boards, which threatened to pull the license (the right to practice) of dentists who spoke out — and who did in fact pull mercury-free dentists' licenses in California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota and New York.

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