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My Updated Nutrition Plan — Your Guide to Optimal Health

eat real food

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  • My food pyramid for optimal health is almost the inverse of the original USDA food pyramid, featuring healthful fats and vegetables on the bottom, followed by high-quality proteins, fruits, and lastly, grains
  • Since the first issuing of my Nutrition Plan, I’ve tweaked and updated it as needed based on changes in our food environment and the weight of the scientific evidence. I’ve recently completed yet another major revision of it
  • One of the “master keys” to healthy eating is to EAT REAL FOOD. This will help you avoid the most serious pitfalls, but the devil is in the details
  • Evidence strongly suggests that mitochondrial dysfunction lies at the heart of virtually all disease — including obesity — and your diet is a key component when it comes to maintaining healthy mitochondrial functioning

By Dr. Mercola

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." As with most foundational truths, this saying by Hippocrates is as applicable today as it ever was. I've been passionate about using food and nutrition to optimize my own health for over 50 years.

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