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Mercury Awareness — Your Mouth, Your Choice

Mercury-Free Dental Care

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  • Demand mercury-free dentistry from your dentist — or get a new dentist. You the consumer and you the parent decide what goes into the mouth — not the dentist, not the government and not the insurance company
  • Amalgam is a primitive, pre-Civil War pollutant that damages your teeth, whereas the alternatives are non-polluting, non-toxic and tooth-friendly
  • Amalgam stays in business because of strong-arm tactics by insurers and government, the scurrilous promotion of amalgam as “silver fillings” by the pro-mercury American Dental Association, and dentists who refuse to train themselves for 21st century dentistry. If your dentist still prefers to put mercury in your mouth, switch dentists
  • This week, through August 28, I will match every single donation (up to $100,000 total) to Consumers for Dental Choice, who champions the cause of mercury-free dentistry
  • This small, effective nonprofit group led by attorney Charlie Brown is brilliantly transforming oral health care from primarily amalgam to primarily composite, and needs your help to vanish amalgam from the planet. I am digging deep to help Consumers for Dental Choice; I hope you will too

By Dr. Mercola

The right of every patient to make decisions about their own bodies — including what filling material is implanted in their teeth — is enshrined in laws, policies and resolutions throughout the world.

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