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Prematurely Gray? This Is Probably Why

man with premature gray hair

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  • Gray hair is inevitable for most people, but scientists and the beauty industry have been working on ways to change that fact for centuries
  • Human hair cycles between the anagen growth phase, the catagen resting phase and the telogen dormant phase. Hair follicles use pigment to color hair during the anagen phase while it’s growing
  • As your hair grows, cells produce melanocytes — cells that produce melanin — but as you age the melanocyte activity slows down and eventually stops, leaving less pigment in your hair
  • Genetics, hormones and environmental pollutants can speed along the graying process, so your chances of going gray increase 10 percent to 20 percent every decade after reaching 30

By Dr. Mercola

It's a sign of advancing age. Some call it a sign of wisdom. It varies from person to person and seems to run in families. Some do everything they can to mask it or use some other method to make it go away, while others barely notice and simply go about the business of living.

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