Tasty Chocolate Fat Bomb Truffles Recipe

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June 18, 2017 | 96 views

Tasty Avocado BombTruffles

Recipe from Jennafer Ashley ofPaleohacks


Chocolate truffles are a popular type of confectionery composedof a chocolate coating and ganache, a filling made by mixing chocolate andcream. The ingredients are mixed together and rolled into balls, which are thenserved as gifts or eaten for a quick snack.[i]Their name comes from their similar appearance to truffles, a type of mushroomprized in the culinary world for its unique aroma and flavor.[ii]


However, most chocolate truffles sold today contain lots of sugar, which canwreak havoc on your health when consumed. I believe it's far better to makeyour own chocolate truffles using raw, organic ingredients that can provide amultitude of health benefits. Plus, it'll taste better, too!


This chocolate and avocado truffle recipe by Jennafer Ashley ofPaleohacksis a great example. Not only is it healthy and delicious, but also easy to prepare.




·        2small ripe, organic avocados

·        1 cupraw of cacao powder

·        2 tablespoonsof raw cacao powder for dusting

·        3 tablespoonsof Dr. Mercola's coconut oil, melted

·        2 tablespoonsof  Dr. Mercola's raw honey




1.      In amixing bowl, combine the melted coconut oil, avocado and honey. Use a handmixer on medium speed to mix the ingredients until they reach a smoothconsistency.

2.      Graduallymix in 1 cup of raw cacao powder until it completely combines with the otheringredients. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes.

3.      Usinga tablespoon, scoop out the mixture and roll it into balls. Dust with thereserved cacao powder.

4.      Storein the refrigerator, then serve once chilled.


Note: This recipe makes 12 truffles.


Avocado Is a NutrientPowerhouse


In this recipe, avocado serves as the ganache. This fruit isactually one of the most nutritious foods you can eat because of its highamounts of healthy fat. In fact, I enjoy one myself almost every day. Thisallows me to increase my intake of healthy fat and other vitamins without goingover my protein and carbohydrate limit.


But what makes avocado really good for you? In one study,avocado has been found to contain phytochemicals that can help destroy oralcancer cells.[iii]In another study, Japanese researchers suggest that avocado may help protectagainst liver damage, based from their tests on mice.[iv]Furthermore, avocado may enhance your stomach's ability to absorb carotenoidswhen it is eaten with other ingredients.[v]


Raw, Organic Chocolate Is Rich in Antioxidants


There's no doubt that people all over the world lovechocolate, but most varieties sold today are loaded with sugar, which canadversely affect your health over time. You can circumvent this problem byconsuming raw, organic chocolate instead.


Cacao,the plant from which chocolate comes, is rich in various antioxidants andanti-inflammatory compounds, making it a perfect complement to avocado. In onestudy, diabetics were given a cocoa drink rich in flavonols (a type ofantioxidant). After one month, researchers noted that the test subjects hadimproved blood vessel function.[vi]In addition, chocolate may help:[vii]


Improve exercise endurance

Lower your risk of Alzheimer's disease

Reduce stress hormones

Lower your blood pressure and improve your lipid profile

Reduce the symptom of glaucoma and cataracts

Protect against preeclampsia in pregnant women

Improve liver function for those who have cirrhosis

Improve endothelial function


Coconut Oil Adds More Health Benefits to the Recipe


Coconut oilis one of the best ingredients you can add to your kitchen arsenal. In fact, Iuse it a lot in my own cooking. When added to your food regularly, coconut oil'smedium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) can help optimize your health.


Forone, MCFAs are a great source of healthy energy compared to sugar. Whendigested, they are immediately converted by your liver and used up by your bodyas fuel, instead of being stored as fat. Furthermore, coconut oil may help:


·        Promote healthy brain function: Ketones produced by coconut oilmay serve as an alternative healthy source of energy for brain cells, which mayhelp reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.[viii]

·        Boost your immune system: The fatty acids that make upcoconut oil contain antimicrobial properties, which can help eliminate harmfulbacteria and viruses in your gut.[ix]

·        Promote weight loss: Coconut oil can help manage yourweight in the long run by making you feel full longer. In one study, those whoate more MCFAs on a daily basis consumed 256 fewer calories.[x]

·        Improve oral health: The antimicrobial properties ofcoconut oil can help promote healthy gums and teeth. Rinsing it around yourmouth (also known as oil pulling) can help reduce plaque and decay-causingbacteria.[xi]



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