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Organic Food — Hype or Hope?

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  • “Organic Food — Hype or Hope?” analyzes the benefits of organically grown foods. A problem common to many organic farmers is pesticide drift from neighbors growing their crops using conventional methods
  • Pendimethalin keeps showing up in organic produce sampled in Germany, and has become a particularly difficult problem as organic farmers whose wares test positive for it cannot meet Germany’s strict organic rules
  • If the European Union decides to impose even stricter limits on pesticide residues in organics, drift will prevent many organic farmers from qualifying for organic certification altogether
  • Hundreds of studies have shown organic foods contain fewer detectable pesticides than conventional and higher levels of certain nutrients, especially antioxidants, which are important for health and disease prevention
  • Studies have also shown organic farming is better for the environment and human health, provides unique social benefits and is more profitable for the farmer

By Dr. Mercola

The 2018 documentary, "Organic Food — Hype or Hope?" analyzes the benefits of organically grown foods. How are they different from conventional and do they really live up to the promise of being healthier? One significant problem is the fact that many organic farms are growing their food near farms using conventional methods. They liken it to smoking — if a nonsmoker is sitting next to someone who lights up, the nonsmoker ends up inhaling toxins even though he or she has made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle.

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