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What Are the Benefits of Spermidine?

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  • Spermidine, a polyamine compound associated with aging and other metabolic functions, was originally isolated from semen, but is also found in foods like aged cheese, miso and natto
  • Polyamines encourage autophagy, your body’s “self-eating” process for removing cellular debris, which affects aging and longevity
  • Research also has shown polyamines like spermidine can protect you against food allergies, cancer and heart disease
  • Spermidine has been shown to restore the internal body clock of lab mice, suggesting it may be useful for adding years onto your life and acting as a sleep aid

By Dr. Mercola

Despite its somewhat sexualized name, spermidine, which one source calls the “most unappetizing-sounding health boon ever,” is a beneficial compound that so happens to have been first isolated in human semen. Well-known food sources of spermidine include aged cheese and fermented soy products, as well as chicken, mushrooms, pears and potatoes.

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