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WishCycling - Is Your Plastic Really Recycled?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked


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  • Wishcycling is the term used to describe the collection of items thought to reach the recycle plants, but which are so contaminated the plants have no recourse but to send the items to the landfill, increasing an ever-growing problem of garbage disposal
  • Recycling was originally designed to reduce the impact garbage has on the planet; where Baltimore once sent a small percentage to the landfill, currently as much as one-third of recyclables collected end up there
  • These habits are driving up costs of recycling and reusing products, and increasing the growth of trash; researchers have also found a greater amount of macroplastic in the oceans, pieces of plastic close to the original size of the product, such as plastic bags and fishing gear
  • Some estimate the cost of plastic pollution to the environment will reach 15% of the greenhouse gas emissions by 2050; in comparison, all global forms of transportation now account for 15% of all emissions
  • You may have an impact on rising pollution rates by avoiding common recycling mistakes, such as shredding paper to be recycled, adding pizza boxes or soft plastic grocery bags, or leaving food residue on plastic material

The growing amount of plastics found in the ocean is a result of human behavior and is slowly destroying a vast resource responsible for supporting life. According to the National Ocean Service, the ocean produces over half the oxygen across the world and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere.

While you may have thought this honor resided with the Amazon rainforest, it rests on the shoulders of the oceans covering 70% of the surface of the planet. The health of the ocean is responsible for climate regulation and provides economic benefit producing $282 billion in goods and services from ocean dependent businesses.

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