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Highest Quality Study Proves Eating This Way Is A Pollution Solution

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

factory farming pollution

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  • Rising pollution from factory farming methods is severely impacting local environments, polluting the water supply, air quality and increasing the risk for illness and disease for those living there. However, regenerative farming strategies have a negative impact on pollution
  • The results of a study evaluating soil under holistic-managed grazing strategies for 20 years has demonstrated Will Harris' farm offsets at least 100% of the carbon emissions from his cattle farm, and the ecosystem he's created produces a net result of six times more carbon-efficiency than the average production system per pound of cow
  • In the past 40 years, scientists have discovered 33% of the world's land suitable for crops has been lost to erosion or pollution; reversing this trend is difficult as it takes time and energy from farmers committed to regenerative techniques to build soil biodiversity and ecological health
  • Unfortunately, governmental policies support industrial farming and therefore a rising tide of air and water pollution. Regenerative farmers have some protection against erratic climate, and purchasing from local farmers who use regenerative techniques helps reduce local pollution

In the 1940s, the Green Revolution changed agricultural practices. The beginning of the Revolution is often attributed to Norman Borlaug who developed high-yield varieties of wheat enabling Mexico to produce more wheat than was needed by citizens in their country.

Production of wheat and rice from high-yield varieties had dramatic success in Mexico and India, which on the surface appeared to solve food production issues. However, these new varieties were domesticated varieties bred to respond to fertilizers to increase the yield.

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