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Protect your gums and your brain with K2

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  • Viewing your mouth as the “gatekeeper” of your gut may help remind you to keep your microbiome balanced and healthy, which ultimately contributes to your overall well-being
  • A deficiency in vitamin K2, aka menaquinone, causes bleeding gums and, without intervention, will likely progress to the next three stages of periodontal disease, which can result in tooth loss and serious diseases
  • Besides examining your teeth and microbiome, looking in your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator — or better yet, the foods you put in your mouth — is the first step toward improving your teeth and gums from the inside out
  • Vitamin K2, working with K1, may enhance glutathione to prevent nerve cell death and neurodegenerative damage by preventing oxidative stress and brain inflammation
  • Eating lots of prebiotic fiber, leafy green vegetables, fermented vegetables, grass fed dairy and select meats will help introduce the microbes to protect your gut, as well as your mouth, against disease

Has it ever occurred to you that the overall picture of your dental health is really a reflection of your physical health? That's the premise of Dr. Steven Lin, a dentist who uses a holistic approach and who says less-than-stellar oral health results from issues in other parts of your body.

According to Lin, if people view their mouth as the "gatekeeper" of their gut and keep their microbiome balanced and healthy, the positive results will show themselves in a healthy mouth — teeth, gums and all — and a healthier body overall.

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