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The second silent spring has sprung

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second silent spring has sprung

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  • In the early 1960s Rachel Carson warned that the use of DDT insecticide may have such a damaging effect on the environment it would result in a spring devoid of bird songs and the hum of insects; recent research finds most of the toxic burden now rests with neonicotinoid chemicals affecting the central nervous system, foraging abilities and reproduction of insects
  • Although many would not mourn the loss of mosquitoes or fleas, a failing insect population will affect the type of reproduction on which 80% of plant life depends; insects also help decompose dead organic material, including plants and animals, and are food for many bird populations
  • Neonicotinoid insecticides are water soluble and used to coat the seeds of most corn, soybeans and canola with the goal of reducing the use of pesticides. However, the toxins affect the insects pollinating plants, kill the birds eating the seeds and get into the groundwater; in addition, the use of genetically engineered seed has increased the need for pesticides in the past 25 years
  • Regenerative farming practices increase soil diversity, support insect population, increase farmers’ profits, protect water sources and offer optimal nutrition from the food you eat. Consider planting your own edible landscape or purchasing from your local farmer who uses regenerative practices

The renowned biologist, writer and ecologist Rachel Carson called for humanity's responsible action as stewards of the earth, warning that the federal government was part of a problem that may lead to environmental failure. Her book, "Silent Spring," became a best seller in 1962 and inspired a grassroots movement to protect the environment.

Carson warned of the deadly impact that a certain insecticide, DDT, would have on insects and wildlife. She contended that its use may result in the death of a vast number of birds and wildlife and ultimately lead to a silent spring devoid of the typical calls of nature. Today, neonicotinoids have become the second silent spring.

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