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Countries everywhere are banning this, why aren't we?

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mercury free dentistry

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  • We must get mercury, a neurotoxic heavy metal, out of dentistry. Dental amalgam, 50% mercury, is a primitive, pre-Civil War pollutant. The alternatives today are far superior technically, yet amalgam is still being used by dentists who won’t train for 21st century dentistry, and in most government programs
  • Consumers for Dental Choice created an effective worldwide coalition, led by my friend Charlie Brown to lead the campaign to eradicate further use of dental amalgam (50% mercury) from the earth. The campaign’s string of successes across the globe – especially ending amalgam for children – is building unrelenting pressure on the U.S. government to act
  • I will match every donation this week to Consumers for Dental Choice. I am so enthusiastic about this cause and its potential to win that I have raised my cap this year by 20%, to match all dollars raised up to $150,000. To get your donation matched, you must donate by August 31, 2019
  • I recommend that you spend your dental dollars only on mercury-free dentists. Dentists still using amalgam for anybody are mercury polluters, and even put their own staffs at risk from the mercury vapors in their dental offices

This week, Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, we celebrate amazing progress around the world, and we urge you to support the two keys to victory: Consumers for Dental Choice and mercury-free dentists.

Consumers for Dental Choice is dismantling one of history’s major mistakes: the implanting of mercury in human teeth. Resistance from the pro-mercury wing of dentistry, which has its tentacles deep inside government agencies and insurance companies, is rapidly eroding due to nonstop and strategic pressure from Charlie Brown and this small but effective organization.

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