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Garlic Supports Healthy Blood Sugar

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

raw garlic benefits

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  • Organosulfur compounds in garlic appear to increase the availability of insulin, reducing metabolism in the liver occurring on the first pass through the liver system. Animal studies show no change in body weight or fat deposits, but an increased insulin sensitivity and better lipid profile
  • Allicin, one powerful compound found in garlic, is technically only produced after the clove has been damaged, such as chewing, crushed or diced, as part of the plants defense system against insects. Allicin is inactivated by heat and lasts for only an hour after being produced
  • Aged black garlic, originally developed in Korea, has a lower flavor profile and higher levels of organosulfur compounds associated with protection against oxidative stress and cancer, reduction in total serum cholesterol and a positive effect on long and short-term memory
  • Although some research has had positive results with supplements, their performance is dependent on your digestive conditions. Raw garlic may be added to raw juice, salad dressing or taken with locally sourced organic honey on a spoon. Data show garlic that has sprouted for five days has higher antioxidant activity than fresh garlic

Although the exact origin of garlic (Allium sativum) is not known, it’s believed to be a native of middle Asia, likely from West China. As a medical remedy it’s been used since 2700 B.C. to treat numerous afflictions, from depression to rheumatism to coughs and more, and the journey it’s taken has touched nearly every major civilization.

For example, the Egyptians fed it to slaves to give them strength and endurance; Hippocrates used it as for breathing problems and tumors; Pliny the Elder liked it for joint diseases and seizures; Easterners used it to treat diarrhea — and that’s just a short list.

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