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Science Wants Pictures of Your Poop for AI

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

poop artificial intelligence

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  • A combined effort between MIT startup Auggi and microbiome company Seed has produced an artificial intelligence (AI) software platform for which the researchers are requesting 100,000 images to train the program
  • The hope is to develop an automated process of reporting gut health information; the software compares images against the Bristol Stool Chart using a seven-point scale to measure gut health
  • The consistency, shape and form of your stool are largely determined by the fiber and water content. Your stool frequency may vary depending according to a number of factors
  • You can affect the health of your gut by eating enough fiber and fermented foods, getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day and moving throughout the day

Your poop says a lot about your overall health. In fact, it’s a direct reflection of your gut, which contains a complex microbial ecosystem. It exerts such a strong influence over your body it is frequently referred to as the “second brain.”

There is a strong connection between your gut health and mental health, affecting your subconscious thought and immune system. Health conditions associated with your gut microbiome include obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome and allergies; your gut health also influences your risk of cancer and Parkinson’s. Optimizing your gut microbiome may be one of the more important strategies you could undertake to prevent disease.

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