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Fermented Foods Top the Superfoods List

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fermented foods

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  • Based on the latest “What’s Trending in Nutrition” survey given to nearly 1,400 registered dietitians, fermented foods emerged as the most sought after foods
  • The dietitians survey revealed a “shocking switch” in consumer behavior: For the first time, they predicted that consumers will be willing to pay more in order to eat healthier foods
  • Kale may be off the top 10 superfoods list, but it’s still an incredibly healthy food with numerous valuable ingredients to optimize your health
  • Fermented foods, specifically yogurt and kefir, rose to the top of the superfoods list, but there are caveats: store-bought versions are often loaded with unwanted ingredients, so making your own helps you control both the ingredients and flavor
  • Other trends noted by the dietitians included the benefits of the ketogenic approach to food, which is not just for a flat belly but for health improvements that positively influence your metabolic system and mitochondrial function

More than 1,000 registered dietitians were surveyed for their projections on the most likely superfoods for 2018 and 2019. When results of the 7th Annual Pollock Communications and Today's Dietitian's "What's Trending in Nutrition" survey emerged, there were a few surprises. In fact, one of the projected trends was called a "shocker."

According to the poll, which began in 2014 and tracks emerging developments in the industry, kale had fallen off the top 10 list, but perhaps more interestingly, fermented foods, specifically yogurt and kefir, had moved to the top spot. Kale ranked sixth in 2017's superfood poll, while fermented foods ranked No. 4.

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