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Was Your Mom Right? Did You Make Her Hair Turn Gray?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Fact Checked

stress turns hair gray

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  • Your level of stress may help predict how quickly your hair turns gray
  • The influence of noradrenaline on your hair drives out pigment cells, thus resulting in gray or white hair
  • Other factors include genetics, oxidative stress, smoking, several diseases and naturally produced hydrogen peroxide
  • Consider using stress-reducing strategies to slow the effect on graying hair and use natural products to reduce your exposure to toxins

For many years gray hair was a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. For the most part, it was men who were considered wise. On the other hand, women with gray hair were often seen as “old” no matter their age. But, in the past decade there has been a growing trend to live with your natural color.

For some, gray hairs begin appearing when they’re 12 and others find they pop up only as retirement approaches. The process is influenced by genetics, nutrition, illness and stress. After nutritional supplementation, most treatments for gray hair have centered on hair dyes.

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